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Sep 17, 2000 04:28 PM

s.f entertaining

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howdy, got friends from italy visiting s.f very shortly I want to give them the names of the best places to eat, along with some hip and cool thrown in with the good eats. I'm going to recommend to themthe following, not in any special order delfina,gordons,ondine,gary danko's, fifth floor, farallon,boulevard,aqua,42 degrees, slanted door,zarzuela,frascati, firefly, mc2. any others to recommend?? money no object. thx what about cool hip lounges/bars?? much thx in adv. to all. esp you caitlin!!

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  1. Dine - for the appetizers of seared chicken livers with grapes, greens and smoked bacon. Remember to put the chicken liver in your mouth at the same time as the grapes.

    Charles Nob Hill - if your friend is an Iron Chef fan and wants to see what it takes to beat an Iron Chef.

    Fringale - for the pork tenderloin with apples and cabbages (I last had this over a year ago, but a friend who went recently said it was great.)

    If you friend decides to go to Farallon, I would suggest trying to get a table in the plush booths at the back, or a table near the jellyfish lamps in the front.

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      much thx. any touts on lounges/bars/clubs etc. thx much

    2. Thanks, Stephen, but others will help you more with this; I know the East Bay better, but I'm especially out of touch living in NY.

      That said, I'd recommend adding a little "downscale" but with great food to your list. The area around 16th and Valencia in the Mission District is one of my favorite eating places in the city. Great taquerias and Truly Mediterranean, which is a terrific hole-in-the-wall (for some more on these, see what Jim Leff had to say), and Ti Couz, a Breton Creperie thst's one of my favorite meals anywhere, and very authentic.


      1. Dont forget Masa's or Fleur de Lys - both excellent restaurants.

        Clubs - check out Blind Tiger on Broadway (Powell), XYZ bar in the W is a cool place for a drink, the top floor bar in Le Colonial can be fun.

        As for big clubs, Mercury is a hit and so is a newer one called Red Sky near Union Square.