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Looking for a great Italian restaurant in Connecticut

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Have a special occasion and am trying to find a truly wonderful Italian restaurant in either No. Fairfield or Litchfield counties.

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    La Fortuna in Bethel is truly superb.

    1. I highly recommend Cinzano's on Black Rock Tpke. in Fairfield. Been going there for over ten years on trips between Mass. and NYC. Great variety, prices and service.

      1. Centro in Fairfield (http://www.centroristorante.com/
        )Right on the Post Road and the green in Fairfield
        Quite good

        1. DaPietro's in Westport if you can get a reservation. Quattro Pazzi in Stamford and Fairfield is very good as well, but I believe they do not take reservations.

          1. Cafe Silvium in the Shippan section of Stamford is wonderful.

            1. I've always had a great Italian meal at the Venetian in torrington.
              The place has been in business for decades;they must be doing something right!(LOL)
              Try this place,I think you'll like their great food!
              Italian Catnip

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                In agreement with the Venetian, very good food, very consistent. Good homemade gnocchi. For a step above the Venetian though, try La Cupola in Litchfield, you'll find a more varied menu.

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                  I was born and raised in Torrington and have been going to the Venitian for over 50 years so as another person said,"they must be doing asomething right". I have always loved the main dining room which has sort of art deco murals on the walls of Italian scenes. The food if tradition Italian and they have always done the basics extremly well. I concur on the gnocchi and I don't think my Mom ever ordered anything but their manicotti.