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Sep 15, 2000 10:00 PM

Korean in Berkeley/Oakland?

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I'm new to chowhound, so excuse me if this question has been covered. I searched through old posts, but did not see recommendations for korean in oakland/berkeley besides Koryo on Telegraph--hope I didn't miss something obvious. I've eaten myself silly at Koryo in the past, but haven't found other places. Does anyone have recommendations for other Korean places this side of the bay?

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    judy leibovitch

    We've liked Sam Won, which is just a little further down Telegraph. It is always full of Koreans, which I take as a good sign, and was not liked by my in-laws, whose palates are extremely non-adventurous, which I take as another. Service is perfunctory and rushed, however.

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      Thanks for the suggestion Judy. We tried it last night. I actually found it very similar to Koryo, though the lighting was less harsh than at Koryo. The service was somewhat slow; the drawback mainly being that the little dishes came AFTER our hot pot of coals and meat had arrived for the bbq, which meant that the little dishes ended up getting warmed by the heat, which was not ideal. The bbq pork was good.
      They gave us an additional soup, which i would have tried, but we were never able to track down bowls, so I can't report back on the soups. I had a SLIGHT suspicion of some m.s.g. somewhere due to a headache i got later, but perhaps i was just tired! Thanks again, M.L.

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        judy leibovitch

        Now I want to check out Koryo, also! Yes, the service at Sam Won's has been a negative factor: very on/off.