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Jul 1, 2005 10:07 AM

Provincetown -- good place for dinner for 8 girls (bachelorette party)

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I'm going up to Provincetown in August for a bachelorette party weekend and we will be 8 girls total. Looking for a fun restaurant for dinner Friday night -- a place where the food is good but will also be fun...seafood would probably be best.

I was thinking about The Lobster Pot -- would anyone recommend it? Other ideas?


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  1. I was just in Ptown last weekend and had dinner at the Lobster Pot. It was great -- we ate at the bar and the bartender was a sweetie. This is classic Ptown dining. Before this, though, we had a drink at Ross's Grill in the new Whaler's Wharf. It was wonderful! The view is gorgeous, the atmosphere was classy and the menu looked really good! It's kind of small, but they have some outdoor seating which would probably work well for a group of 8. Check it out! (I couldn't get their Web address to work, but you may want to check the Ptown link below...)

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      1. I wonder if The Mews would's a fun spot. I was there for my kid's 16th b day when her boyfriend and his family visited from Holland. Great vodka bar. We sat next to a couple celebrating their nuptials and joined in the was a great mix of vibe and great food. I too like Ross's but not really ideal for a group. Most places I do like are too small for a group..I defer to others. I am dying to try Victors. I hope you have a great time.

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          Yeah, Lobster Pot is often under-rated by many, but we like it. Eight women may mean 8 different tastes. I think Napi would cover more bases with their eclectic menu. Go a bit early (or quite late) to avoid the rare service lapses.

          Napi's Restaurant
          7 Freeman St, Provincetown, MA 02657

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            You are aware, I hope, that you are replying to a 6-year-old post. I'd bet by now Jenn and her friends don't even remember where they went. So a great, or good, or not-so-good time was had a *long* time ago.

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              G&T I did NOT notice at all...someone replied before my post but it was removed most likely due the the political content..I then replied to his post...oh geeze..his was removed..

        2. I would consider The Patio. The food there is always a good surprise, a fair amount of variety. it is fun to be outside and people watch, they have great drinks.