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Sep 15, 2000 02:41 PM

praise for Pancho Villa

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I'm pretty new to the bay area (lived in NYC and Connecticut for past 4 years) but have to recommend Pancho Villa in San Mateo.

I've been trying lots of burrito places since I moved out, and, while I'm no expert in authentic mexican burritos, this place is simply fantastic. The burritos themselves are the highlight, but what makes Pancho Villa so great are the complementary things - 6 or so varieties of fresh salsa that you can help yourself to, roasted jalapenos, lightly pickled carrots and jalapenos, and fabulous jugos frescas - incredibly refreshing drinks made from such things as cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberry, tamarind, etc. A perfect cool off to the heat of the salsas and jalapenos.

As for the burritos, the mole chicken and carne asada have been my favorites, though all I've tried have been very good. The quality of the ingredients is top notch, from the black beans (my choice) to the perfectly cooked rice to the guacamole.

Pancho Villa probably doesn't need my post here, as they tend to be pretty crowded all the time with people from all walks of life.

I know they have one in SF also, but I've only been in San Mateo.

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  1. Welcome and thanks so much for posting. I wouldn't have stepped into a place called Pancho Villa unguided. Will check it out.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong


      Don't pass on going here! Absolutely terrific.


      (PS I'm in Ross' wine group and was sitting across from you at the Z-H tasting last week)

      1. re: Larry Stein

        Hey Larry! Thanks for i.d'ing yourself. Think I only learned your surname last week (after drinking with you for 3+ years). I'm working on my Zind-Humbrecht tasting notes. Not sure I'll use your rating system, i.e., Fnckin' Spectacular, etc. (g)

        Good to know you're here and thanks for the tip. How'd you find this site? Check out the threads in General Topics too and add your 2ยข to wine chat.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Aw cmon Melanie, those sorts of descriptors will set you apart from the Parkers and Tanzers of the world. &*)

          I discovered this site from a letter to the Food section in the SF Chronicle last Weds (9/20). I like it!

          BTW, still need that '82 Gruaud Larose? I'm going to my cellar space next week and can grab it for you.

          1. re: Larry Stein

            I'm so glad Tom Hilton's letter is bringing in new people, especially you. Let's get more of our cohorts in here too - restaurant chat is pretty high on our list of conversation topics, maybe behind tech issues but certainly ahead of wine and guns!.

            I'll send you an e-mail re: 82 G-L.