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Sep 15, 2000 12:10 AM

Santa Cruz-area restaurants for a big group?

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We are doing an offsite in Aptos, and are looking for a place that could seat 40 for dinner. Something nice and reasonably informal where we could have a little wine and a little fun. Any suggestions?

(Aside: My family lived in Santa Cruz for a year in 1972, and Bruce Aidells of sausage fame was running a retaurant on campus. I was still quite young, so I remember that the door knocker was a toilet seat, but I don't remember the food at all!)

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  1. You might consider Bittersweet Bistro, which is in Aptos and has a banquet room. I've never been there, but I was a semi-regular at their previous (much smaller) place in Santa Cruz, Cafe Bittersweet. He cooks good food and his wife, who handles the front of the house, is a sweetheart. Check website to see if prices and food/wine are what you're looking for. He was originally a pastry chef, and his desserts at Cafe Bittersweet were outstanding.