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Turkish restaurants?

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  • Deb Sep 12, 2000 04:15 PM
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Does anyone know of any *Turkish* restaurants in the area? A Turkish-American friend has been looking and unable to find anything.


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  1. There is a place on Solano Avenue called Khayaam, that's very large and has pleasant decor (its next to the citibank). I've never eaten there though, or heard anything about it. Once or twice I peaked in and it didn't look too busy.

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    1. re: Rachel Hope

      Ooops, Solano Avenue in Berkeley.

      1. re: Rachel Hope

        Thanks for the rec, I've passed it on & will try it out myself! Feedback forthcoming, stay tuned.

        Deb H.

        1. re: Deb H.

          Ooops again. By a random coincidence, a friend suggested we eat there last night. And it's actually a Persian restaurant! The apps were pretty good and large(tah dig and a roasted eggplant dish) but the entrees were pricey and boring. If I were ever to go back, I think I'd sit at the pretty bar and have wine by the glass (also decent) and appetizers, ONLY. Three appetizers would make a fine meal for two people.

          1. re: rachel hope

            So the question is still open to all: are there any Turkish restaurants in the Bay area?


            1. re: Deb H.

              Yes, Pasha on Broadway in SF, near Polk St. Haven't been there, but it's well-established and continues to draw favorable reviews.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Thanks for the rec, Melanie! My Turkish-American friend says that although Pasha bills themselves as Turkish and Moroccan, it's pretty much Moroccan (and serves Turkish coffee). I haven't yet been.

                Best ,
                Deb H.

                1. re: Deb H.

                  Well, then you go first and tell me about it.

                  I saw Pasha from a distance today and noticed that the sidewalk sign said "Mediterranean" cuisine. Many of SF's Moroccon restaurants have disappeared (I miss Mamounia), maybe the different billing has allowed Pasha to survive.