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Sep 8, 2000 05:33 PM

Alameda eats??

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I have a friend visiting Alameda next week, and was wondering if anyone knows of a good place to eat in Alameda...maybe something on the water???

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  1. I visited a friend in Alameda tonight and asked her opinion. She said that Beau Rivage is on the water, however, she thinks there are better choices for dining. If your friend will be on the northside of the island, Jack London Square in Oakland can be closer. She suggested Scott's Seafood or Kincaid's, both on the water at Jack London Square. I had suggested Soizic (on Broadway in Oakland, a few blocks from the tunnel) to her some months ago for business entertaining, and she's been pleased with her experiences there.

    1. Not on the water but very decent Japanese restaurant in Alameda is Kamakura on Santa Clara and Broadway.

      If you want a water view have drinks @ Scott's in Jack London before or after (although dinner there is ok too)