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Sep 8, 2000 03:15 AM


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I've read about all the interest about the quake. Scary. I live a couple of miles southeast of the epicenter. The valley is alive and well, just a little (bad pun) shaken. Minor damage, few injuries. If your one the way, don't cancel. All the places you wanted to go are okay.


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    Melanie Wong

    Brandon, glad to hear from you!

    I saw Peter Marks MW of yesterday who is a new resident of Napa. He said that the jolt knocked him out of bed and was much stronger than he experienced in the 1989 quake when he was in Palo Alto. He said the damage was worst in downtown Napa and on west of Hwy 101, little to no damage up valley or other areas.

    I'd like to emphasize as you did that this shouldn't cause anyone to cancel their plans to visit the wine country. Would hate to see a repeat of the trip cancellations that threw San Francisco's convention and tourist business into a depression after the 89 temblor and hurt many people who make their living from tourism.