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Sep 6, 2000 04:06 PM

Wine Country with a baby

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I will be taking a trip to wine country in a few weeks with my in-laws, and want to show them the best cuisine the area has to offer, but there's a catch--we have a 5 month old son. Any suggestions for places in Napa or Sonoma that have great food but are baby-friendly (or at least tolerant)?

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    JB Leibovitch

    We just had a nice dinner at Bistro Jeanty in Yountville (Napa). Even though it is french, it was remarkably not snooty. Our dinner was very nice, and I have heard nothing but universally positive comments about the food. They have outdoor tables, and a very casual atmosphere. I would bring my 2 year-old daughter there, and I'm sure she makes more noise than your 5 month-old. Call and check about high chairs. Piatti in Younville is also nice and noisy. You can't tell by looking, Piatti is a chain, but the food is still pretty good (especially the appetizers).

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      Andy Yamamoto

      Thanks for the tips! We will check out Mustards and Bistro Jeanty. Again, thanks!

    2. Except for the French Laundry and perhaps La Toque, most Napa restaurants are pretty kid-tolerant. My three-year-old's favorite food in the world was the fried rabbit at Mustard's, although your five-month-old won't be getting around to that for a while. Yountville Diner is great for kids too.