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Jun 17, 2005 03:04 PM

Rosemary And Sage in Old Saybrook

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We just had dinner at Rosemary and Sage after it had changed hands. The last dinner we had there was exquisite (under previous owners) and we were looking forward to eating there to celebrate our anniversary. As the parking lot was somewhat full, we thought the new owner/chef would equal the past one. We were soooo disappointed! The first change we noticed was that the salad now was included with the main course. That is, if you could find it! It was the smallest little pile of greens we have ever seen, and not the freshest either. I asked the waitress for some oil and vinegar, and she said they had balsamic vinaigrette, which I ordered. It came out in a little sauceboat, and it wasn't vinaigrette at all, but merely balsamic vinegar. When I questioned the waitress, she said no, it was indeed the vinaigrette. Who am I to argue with the waitress? The main courses were passable (I had cherrystones over linguini in a red sauce, and my husband had beef wellington). A few problems--I had asked for the pasta al dente, and it was mush, and although my husband's beef was cooked pretty much the way he ordered it, he felt that the $26.00 price tag merited more than the few bites he had. His was accompanied by a baked potato. Baked potato for $26? He felt at least they could have offered him some sour cream or flavored butter. At the end of the meal we spoke to the manager and told her how disappointed we were. She was sorry, and offered us a drink or dessert (neither of which we wanted at that point). We felt that if she was really into customer service she would have done something with the check--either reduced it or just torn it up! Either of these actions would have built good will and resulted in us trying the restaurant again, but as it now stands, we will NEVER go back there. Nor will any of our friends, or any of their friends.

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