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Help! Dinner choices btwn Providence and Boston--Canton?

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  • blintz Jun 15, 2005 11:24 PM
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Good neighbors have moved from Cambridge to Providence. We want to keep seeing them every other week or so, for dinner. Can anyone suggest places to go-- from cheap and funky to a bit more upscale? Any diners? Ethnic choices would also be great. Not too far from the highway would help. Seems like Canton might be halfwayish.

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  1. There is a great barbeque place in Foxboro on RT 1. I think it is Outlaws

    1. There is a great barbeque place in Foxboro on RT 1. I think it is Outlaws

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        review for Outlaw

      2. I would suggest the British Beer Company in Walpole. Very easy location and lots of cool beers to try. You can find them out www.britishbeer.com

        1. Coriander bistro in Sharon, MA is supposed to be excellent: http://www.corianderbistro.com

          Also try Trattoria della Nonna in Mansfield, MA: http://trattoriadellanonna.com/

          A bit further north and closer to Cambridge, but still in-betweenish, is Sweet Basil in Needham, MA: http://www.sweetbasilneedham.com/

          1. The casually upscale Italian food at Caffe Bella in Randolph is outstanding, as good or better than I've had either in the North End or Federal Hill.

            The no-reservations policy and low density of other viable options in the area can also make this place an insane zoo. Enjoy, but proceed with caution.