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Jun 14, 2005 09:42 AM

Good food along I-90

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In August I will be doing a road trip from Boston to Indiana and pretty much driving I-90 straight through. When I think of the Mass Pike, I think of Sbarro and McDonalds - gross.

Any ideas for a good lunch - close to the interstate that won't take up more than an hour, as I'm sort of on a time budget as well. I'll eat about anything, but I'm vegetarian - so no burger joints please!


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  1. I am going on a road trip to Ohio next month, and like yoi, will be driving on I90 all the way- Boston to Cleveland. I posted on the Tristate board, and got lots of good ideas. Link is below.

    PS- If I did not link it correctly, the post is on the Tristate board, dated April 18, 2005.