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Jun 9, 2005 08:48 PM

cacao kittery

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just wanted to let you foodies know about cacao in kittery. Definitely the most interesting mix of flavors and staff with the most care for the product. If you like chocolate but are tired of the regular flavors try this place. Caramel chocolate with fleur de sel- amazing. I can't wait to try the medjol date with taleggio dipped in chocolate.

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  1. Yeah, this place is awesome. The most interesting chocolates and they are all pulled off very well.

    Dont miss the other great shops in the area, see my post from a couple weeks ago, link below...


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      I totally agree - their mayan is my favorite - but a lot of other people's, too, so they are often out - just the right blend of choc, spice, cinammon, and so on. My close second fave is the blue cheese, followed by the goat cheese. Yes, cheese chocolate truffles.

      Susan (the owner) often does tastings at Atrezzi in downtown Portsmouth, though I haven't gone 'cuz they are mucho dinero. Also, she sometimes guest stars on Rachel Forrest's food radio program on Friday nights on Portsmouth Community Radio. Fun stuff.

    2. I agree, the fleur de sel one is an amazing, and successful, taste combiantion.

      1. Have tried to visit this place a number of times, but they are always closed for vacation or have very limited hours, etc. I just read an article that they will be closing for a year in a few days so the owner can pursue mushroom cultivation. A few online reviews have said the chocolates were known for having eccentric flavor combinations, but were otherwise just ok in quality overall. Other reviews state the owner, Susan, is somewhat lacking in the customer service dept. and can be downright rude at times. Since it looks like I may never get to visit, can anyone please describe this place? Are the chocolates decent, owner rude, etc?