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Sep 2, 2000 12:42 PM

Roy Yamaguchi's Seafood Restaurant now open dntn SF

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The hawaiian restauranteurs stylized "euro-asian" cuisine arrived in San Fran this week with a 1000 person private grand opening party this past Thurs.8/31
Prices like Aqua, service like masa' of the $27 entree.a restaurant with a buzz for the "price is no object" crowd. dinner only.101 2nd St. at 415-777-0277.

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  1. Just ate at Roy's SF. Food excellent, service poor- forgot my daughter's meal, forgot my salad, and we waited 15 minutes for our drinks. Jason, our so-called waiter kept saying the bar was backed up, the kitchen was backed up. etc. I expected more for my $300. I'd give it one more shot and request a different waiter.