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Jun 5, 2005 10:39 AM

Breakfast off I-84 Western CT or I-684 NY

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Hello All. Planning a trip from Waterbury Connecticut, I-84 to I-684 to I-287 crossing Tappan Zee and heading for New Jersey then Allentown PA. Looking for a great breakfast along the way. Any ideas? We especially like greasy spoon diner and Mom & Pop operations but are looking for good ones.


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    Danbury, CT is diner city USA, a bunch of them to pick from. One I like is The Windmill Diner. If you get off I-84, Exit 4, take a right and stay on that road for a mile, the Windmill is right there. When you are done, drive in that the same direction and you'll get back on the highway a couple more exits further up.

    1. Exit 10 - Blue Colony Diner - HUGE menu - all of it good. Also in Southbury is the Laurel Diner (Main Street) - Homemade corned beef hash and Philips Diner in Woodbury (Route 6) - great homemade doughnuts. Of the 3 the Blue colony is the closet to 84. It is right at the ramps (exit 10 - I think) for easy on/off convenience

      1. the Blue Colony and Windmill are good, if you want to wait another hour or so, there is the Tarrytown Diner on Route 9, last exit just before the Tappan Zee in NY...

        1. if you want a real greasy spoon/mom&pop go to Sandy Hook Diner, exit 10 off 84, make a left at light about 1/2 mile on right side. Great Breakfast!!