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Sep 1, 2000 02:22 PM

Elizabeth Daniel

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Anyone have commentary?

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    Melanie Wong

    Another restaurant high on my list of gotta try's. The team is from the late Babette's in Sonoma which was a wonderful restaurant. I've had several friends dine here and rave about it, especially ordering the wines by the glass suggested for the menu. I hope to try it myself very soon.

    1. A friend recently had a meal there and just raved about it. She went with 3 others, so she was able to taste a lot of food.

      1. We went a few weeks back and it was really nice.

        We had an eight-top, which was a bit cramped because the room is quite small. They also do not have any round tables, so unfortunately we sat on two four-tops. The decor was also a bit cold, but the room was quiet enough to carry on a conversation without shouting.

        The prix fix menu ($68) is six courses (three selections from each course). The portions were all a good size and we left feeling full but not stuffed. (As I remember, Chez Panisse is $65 for four courses.)

        Some courses were better than others, but overall everything was great. Hierloom tomato salad was yummy, as was the foi gras. My duck was also cooked to perfection. Desserts were just ok. But, it's not Chez Panisse, so at that price I tend to think it was a bit overpriced.

        I think they are only a few months old. The service showed it more than anything else. Some courses were rushed a bit without a pause in between to breath and change wine selections. The wine list also quite extensive.

        We also took some "chow hounds" from NYC. They loved it.

        Overall, I'd say it's a good bet.