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May 26, 2005 02:01 PM

Ice Cream Stands in Mass. Summer Trip(s)

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A friend and I are making it our summer mission to attempt to sample all (or as many as possible)Ice Cream Stands in Massachusetts. We are located in the Worcester area, and are going to map out, then visit, as many stands as possible. Our hopes are to document and photograph the whole journey.

Any suggestions? I got a basic (all be it minimal( list off bostonplus and visitingnewengland, but I am looking for some insider info.

Any favorites? Any out of the way places? Please either post, or EMAIL me directly!

We will share our findings with ya'll!!!

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. I am in DC now but am from Sterling, MA originally. There is a really cute ice cream stand in Sterling, WAY off the beaten path called Rota Spring Farm. It is actually on the farm (i.e. you can watch the cows as you lick your ice cream), but it is really quaint. I believe it is on Chase Hill Road if that helps at all. I am not sure if the ice cream is actually made there, but the scenery of it all would make it a wonderful trip one weekend evening.

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    1. re: Samantha

      Yes!! Finally someone who knows about this place. We live in Lancaster and make frequent trips out to RSF.
      Their ice cream is great and is made there. They have additional special flavors created monthly as well.
      We mark on our calendar when their opening day is are there when the window opens.

      1. re: Samantha

        MA does have some great ice cream stores, but if you are ever in the Gaithersburg area of Maryland, please come by our store, Bruster's real ice cream located on Frederick Road just north of Montgomery Village Ave ( just past Costco!). We make the ice cream fresh every day and it has walk up windows- just like in New England! Or use the drive thru! Hope to see you there - what's your favorite flavor? Marjorie

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          On Mother's Day, after mini golf at Mulligan's in Sterling, I took Chowhound recommendations into consideration and brought my parents to Rota. Although we passed two other ice cream stands, I told them Rota was better. It was easy to get to as Chace Hill Road is right off Rt. 62. Samantha is right about Rota's description. It's by itself on a farm. I was surprised at the new paved lot.

          My mom asked the server if there were any seasonal specials and she said no, none of the flavors are seasonal but she pointed to a list of new flavors taped next to the window. I had Black Raspberry, 1 scoop for $2. My mom had Moo-Tracks and my dad had some sort of frozen pudding type ice cream with nice fruit pieces. We all loved ours and we ate walking up the path to the left of the cow pasture. It was the nicest pasture we'd ever seen. All the cows had their own space and they were relaxing or eating. I'll be back and I recommend Rota.

          1. re: Joshua B

            I can't wait to get there. I've been reading about it over the past week or two. Perhaps after the big plant sale at Tower Hill in early June...

        2. On the North Shore:
          - Ice Cream Junction: on Rte 22N towards Essex - stand is on your left about 1-2 miles before Essex, it has a large parking lot and is surrounded by woods. A 2nd store is at Rocky Neck in East Gloucester, a charming location on the water. Very good homemade stuff. Favorite flavor: raspberry ripple.

          - Cap'n Dusty's : 2 locations - (1) Manchester-by-the-Sea on Beach St, overlooking the harbour. There's a nice park across from the stand where you can sit and look out on the water. (2) Prides Crossing (Beverly Farms) - less scenic.
          I prefer Ice Cream Jxn over Cap'n Dusty's.

          - The Cupboard - Stage Fort Park, Gloucester. They have a few hard ice creams, but soft-serve is their forte. I believe they don't make their own, but sell Richardson's brand ice cream (which IMO is inferior to the above 2, which are home-made). Great location, though.

          - Also in Gloucester: Scoops on Rodgers St (nr Washington st intersection), and Salah's Scoops on Washington - both serve Richardson's ice cream, i.e. not home-made.

          - "Golf course" ice cream (the name is ?Cherry Hill ?Orchard Hill) - take Exit 21 off Rt128 South, as you come off the ramp, take a right. The stand is just across the road from the end of the ramp. I havne't sampled their ice cream yet, so can't vouch for its quality.

          NW of Boston:
          Kimball's icecream - 3 locations; I usually go to the Lincoln one. Great ice cream, HUGE scoops.

          Cape Cod:
          Four Seas in Centerville - good ice cream (tho I prefer Herrell's in Allston, and Ice Cream Jxn in Essex). What I love is the atmosphere - kind of run-down, oldfashioned ice cream palor.

          Western MA:
          In Shelburne Falls, on Main St - oldfashioned drugstore with soda fountain in the front, right by the entrnace. Ice cream is commercial (forget the brand) but pretty decent; what's outstanding is the atmosphere - like a scene from a Rockwell painting.

          There was a recent thread on this topic, which I've linked below.

          Look forward to reading your report on your ice cream tour!


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            I like the Kimball's in Westford/Littleton. Always share a scoop or two with my girlfriend after hitting some golf balls.

            The scoops are huge and you get two for only 50 cents more than one. Two scoops are more than enough for sharing. Lots of different varieties of real ice cream.

            There's also an ice cream stand type place in between Stowe and Maynard on 62, but I haven't been there.

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              That would be Eriksson's in Maynard - it's on Rt. 117 less than a mile after you enter Maynard coming from Stow. Good ice cream, but I find Rota, Kimball's and others to be a bit better.

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                I'm a big fan of Kimballs as well - some of the best I've tasted!
                I've also got a soft spot for soft-serve ice cream. Believe it or not, Dairy Barn in Randolph serves up some of the best (especially w/their chocolate dip!) Yum!

            2. Kimball's has three locations; Westford, MA, Carlisle, MA and Jaffrey, NH. Great ice cream.

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                  The person posting about a location in Lincoln probably was referring to the Carlisle location.

                2. How about Peaceful Meadows in Middleborough, MA?

                  I remember how their peach ice cream tasted wonderfully of ... PEACHES!

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                    Richardson’s Ice Cream Rt 114 Middleton, MA 978-774-5450

                  2. Murdock Dairy Farm in Winchendon