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May 22, 2005 04:12 PM

Ice Cream Trip Through Maine

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So far I've got plans to hit Toots in Yarmouth, Boothbay Ice Cream Factory, Dairy Cone at Waterville exit of 95, and Ice Cream Lady in Lucerne. Any other GREAT homemade ice cream up there?

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  1. I like Round Top Ice Cream.

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    1. re: OceanPt

      Round Top. DITTO!!!!!! (Rte. 1, outskirts of Damariscotta; also served at the highway side of Red's in Wiscasset, but the barn is better.)

    2. I like Annabel's at Five Islands (south of Bath); they also have (?had) a branch in Boothbay Harbor. But I prefer the 5 Island's location for it's beauty, plus there's a good lobster shack next door.

      1. Curious to hear your review of Toots. I went once so far, and I was a bit underwhelmed. They have a great flavor selection, and they seem to get a lot of props for the homemade extra ingredients (brownies, apple pie etc.). But the ice cream itself did not strike me as anything extraordinary. Not bad, mind you - but I left thinking it's not all it's cracked up to be.

        1. If you're going to be in the Waterville area, I think a stop at Gifford's is in order.


          1. The ice cream lady is long gone. An "ice cream trip through Maine" should include all of the following:

            Mrs & Me Route 1 Kittery
            Brown's Nubble Point, York
            Daily Scoop Downtown Kennebunk
            Shaw's Ridge Sanford
            Maple's Portland
            Toot's Yarmouth
            Classic Custard Yarmouth
            Tubby's Wayne
            Deb's Randolph/Gardiner
            John's Liberty/Lake St. George
            North Street Dairy Waterville (Colby College)
            Smiley's Winslow (now owned by Shain's of Maine)

            Giffords is scooped at roadside stands throughout Central Maine, in my opinion the quality has suffered over the years as they have grown, these days it tastes all-whipped-up and artificial like Edy's and Turkey Hill.

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              1. re: momjamin

                Brown's doesn't make their own ice cream. They sell "Shain's of Maine"

              2. re: jackattack

                You forgot Dormans Dairy Dream in Thomaston/Rockland on Rte 1.

                1. re: jackattack

                  I've heard great things about Tubby's Ice Cream. But is it so good as to warrant a special trip from outside its immediate area like John's Ice Cream in Liberty? John's is easily the best ice cream I've had in Maine, but I'm always interested in trying other places.

                  And is the quality the same at both Tubby's locations?


                  1. re: italianices

                    I think Tubby's is well worth the trip. Especially the original Tubby's in Wayne near the pond. Nice drive. But if you don't have the extra time, Tubby's in Winthrop has the same ice cream plus a great lunch menu with a terrific Maine Lobster Roll or Hot Dogs/ fresh dipped Onion Rings, etc. Consistently good, and really just 15-20 mins detour if you're on I-95.

                    Note re above listings.....Daily Scoop in Kennebunk is no longer open and Smileys Winslow no longer serves Shain's ice cream. I think it's just Hersheys or something.

                    Scoop Deck in Moody/Wells serves up Blakes of New Hampshire Ice Cream in a ton of flavors, and Wells Beach Burger still makes their own ice cream as far as I know.

                    Dorman's Ice Cream has great flavor, but it is more like ice milk...very whipped, very light. Kudos to them for not selling out to Walmart however, ice cream shacks are always better than bigger parking lots.

                    Haven't been to Toots for awhile but someone posted a "downhill alert" about that place a while back. Any recent visits ...please report.

                    1. re: jackattack

                      Thanks, I'll definitely have to find time to make a detour to Tubby's.