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May 19, 2005 08:29 PM

Moving to Stamford CT. Where to eat?

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Moving to the Springdale area of Stamford CT next week. I need some dining recs. All types of cuisine welcomed!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Welcome to town!
    Casual Italian: Pelicci's by Stamford Hospital
    Pizza: Michalina's behind Main Wah
    Deli: Fratelli Ravioli next to Michalina's
    Mexican: Viva Mexico on Summer St
    Italian/Steakhouse: Giovanni's on Long Ridge Rd
    Chinese take-out: Main Wah on High Ridge Rd
    Chinese eat in: Pearl East on Summer St
    Search this board and you should be able to find many other threads on this topic.

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    1. re: sabra

      Just a word about Michaelina's Pizza. A couple of my teen daughter's friends worked there and told us a few stories that would curl your hair---I wouldn't touch their food. There's so many pizza spots in town, especially in the Springdale area, and pizza is so subjective, just work your way through them till you find your favorite.

      1. re: MissAnnie

        How about Hope Street Pizza for some good Greek-style pizza? Do check that one out.


        1. re: Miss Sue

          Wish Cafe is great for new american cuisine. I'd also highly recommend Zanghi on Summer St if you want something upscale...delicious food.

          1. re: whereisevan

            Special occasion, perfect food and service.

            The chinese on high ridge road is horrible, and giovanis on long ridge is nothing special.

            1. re: SUZANNE

              agree that giovanni's is nothing special.

              Kam Pei on High Ridge is actually pretty great (especially their japanese...usually I don't like places that have chinese and japanese but this is an exception), and they own a great more upscale asian fusion place in Wesport called Tengda which is fantastic...and the owners are a really nice young couple. They also just opened another more upscale place in Greenwich.

              1. re: shasha

                Can I chime in with another recommendation for Kam Pei? I ordered delivery from there last night and was very pleasantly surprised. When the words, "Chinese Take-Out" came out of my boyfriend's mouth, I totaly cringed, but after I read your post about Kam Pei Shasha I decided to give it a go. Ive been to both Tengda's in Westport and Greenwich and they're pretty good, if a little pricey.

                We stayed to the Chinese side of the menu with some coconut shrimp, steamed vegetable dumplings, and a Happy Family combo, and they were all great -especially the shrimp. To boot, the delivery man arrived within a half hour, speedy!

                Having just moved here in March, it feels pretty great to have nailed down a staple Chinese take-out place. Especially now that those words won't make me cringe anymore.

          2. re: Miss Sue

            Hope Street has great Greek style pizza in a diner-ish setting.

            I also really like Colony Grill for their thin crust pizzas served in a divey bar like environment - sausage + onion and the 'Stinger' - hot oil are a must try in Stamford.

            1. re: gunksny

              Colony Grill pizza is revolting ... yes it is thin crust, but I can't stomach calling it pizza ... more like cheese covered cardboard - no sauce, toppings or choices really ... atmosphere is tres' dive ... good for a pint/pitcher but not food

      2. Here are some of my favorites (but I'm not too familiar with Springdale, so don't know if there's anything worthwhile right in your neighborhood):

        Chinese/Japanese: Kam Pei on High Ridge

        "Nice" Italian: Columbus Park Trattoria, downtown--the best for miles and miles!

        More Upscale Italian: Il Falco, downtown

        Take Out: Mexican--Ole Mole; Middle Eastern--Layla's; Thai--Kit's Thai Kitchen--all of thse within a mile stretch on High Ridge

        When you just gotta have an old fashioned greasy burger and onion rings: Pat's Hubba Hubba on Atlantic downtown

        Ice Cream: Emack and Bolio's on Summer, Gofer Ice Cream on High Ridge (it has another location I can't recall)

        French: Bistro Bonne Nuit in New Canaan (10-15 minutes from Springdale)

        Japanese: Kotobuki on Summer

        Yummy gelato (and great soups): Cafe Bria in the Newfield Green shopping center on Newfield Ave.

        Indian: Coromandel in Darien (15-20 mins. from Springdale)

        Breakfast at the diner: The Lakeside on Long Ridge--genuinely kitschy, small, cozy, homemade donuts and a lake view--I like the Belgian waffle

        Happy Eating, and welcome to Stamford!

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        1. re: MissAnnie

          I like your list! Thanks for posting it. I think Coromandel is one of the best Indian places around, too, and I've been meaning to try Bonne Nuit in New Canaan. Your mention of Bonne Nuit inspires me to make a reservation soon. Would it be a nice place for an anniversary dinner, and do they have steak frites?



          1. re: Miss Sue

            It's a bit noisy and the tables are a bit close together for what I think of as a classic romantic anniversary dinner--but it's very pleasant, so it depends what you're looking for. Don't miss the duck with polenta and the profiteroles! Not a wine expert, but I think their list is interesting.

          2. re: MissAnnie

            where can i find the lakeside resturant? address?

            1. re: xf

              Big Yellow, the online yellow pages, is a great resource.


              Lakeside Diner
              1050 Long Ridge Road, Stamford, CT 06903

              (203) 322-2252


              1. re: Miss Sue

                Lakeside Diner is pretty much right off exit 24- Long Ridge Rd onthe Merritt (Rt15) across the st on the water. Great pancakes.

            2. re: MissAnnie

              there are excellent places in your area:

              Cafe Bria in Newfield Shopping Center (GELATO and PAnini open all day) They have starbucks too!

              Pizza: Belltown and HOpe street Pizza;;;; YUM
              Panda Garden Chinese; clean and good
              Donuts Delight... they have good donuts
              Vinnys backyard... good family stuff

              1. re: MissAnnie
                Rebecca Loonin

                I'm going to throw in a couple more places for you to eat in Stamford but first I will take the liberty to make what I think should be a correction to the Japanese restaurant suggestion.
                Over the past few years I have come to learn that Kiku Sushi on Hope St is by far the best sushi I have ever had. It is worth giving a shot at least once but I'll tell you, I was obsessed from the start. Its a tiny place, very clean, same people working there everyday and its strictly Japanese. Pretty much, the fish there is just really amazing, really fresh and I cannot get enough. And if youre into tofu- try the Age tofu...youll have to stop yourself from salivating afterwards
                For *casual* italian head to Mario the Baker on High Ridge Rd. I have been going there since birth (theyve been there for 30 years, same owner). The food is always excellent, the prices are great, service fast, and its really just such a great Stamford gem.
                Hope you try em out!

                1. re: Rebecca Loonin

                  I realize this is a 3 1/2 year old post, and Mario's is still very good, but the past couple times I've gone it's just not the same as it used to be.

                  My new go-to place in Stamford for Italian pizza is Villa Italia on East Main St. Try it out and you'll forget about Mario's.

                  1. re: yngvai

                    Agreed about Mario's, not the same. That's ok. I just get my pizza in Brooklyn now :)

              2. Stamford has been discussed extensively on the Tristate board. Do a search there for info on just about everything in town.

                1. In Springdale:
                  On Hope Street in the same shopping center as the IGA supermarket (which is across the street from the ice skating rink) is a Japanese restaurant, Kiko. Pretty good sushi at a decent price.
                  A little farther south, 934 Hope St, is an Italian Place, Bella Luna that people like. I remember a huge portion of friend calamari, but I forget the other food. My friends like their salads.
                  In the same area on Hope Street, Fireside is your typical local bar that has a wing night (not sure when), burgers, and skinny french fries.
                  Parkway Diner on 1066 High Ridge Rd has good diner "brunch" on the weekends. Not diner cheap though, about $10 for a brunch item. Always crowded on the weekends. I used to like it until they charged me a "sharing fee", and I haven't gone back since.

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                  1. re: PizzaFace

                    We frequented the Parkway diner for YEARS. But in the past 2-3 years, sadly, I find that their food quality has gone downhill while the prices have gone up. I can't say I recommend it anymore, unfortunately.

                  2. Telluride is the best restaurant in Stamford, hands down. I challenge anyone to find a more extensive delicious menu, cozier decor, knowledgable staff, and better bartender .

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