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May 18, 2005 11:18 AM

Crescent City Bistro, Dover NH

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Has anyone ever been to Crescent City Bistro in Dover, NH? I didn't find anything on Chowhound or TV Diner.


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  1. I remember seeing something on it on Phantom Gourmet before. Sounded good but entree prices seemed a little high.

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    1. re: Joanie

      Crescent City is kind of a wannabe. More flash than flavor. The dishes are acceptable, but nothing to write home about. The bar is nice -- OK for drinks and chatting. The atmosphere is nice, well staged mimicry of a New ORleans courtyard restaurant. BUt the food just doesn't deliver and the prices are high. Just one of Dover's many places dedicated to fleecing the cash from overpaid young professionals, IMHO!

      1. re: Mishi

        I agree that this restaurant is nothing special, but given its location in a cultural wasteland, itstill serves a purpose. The food is not terrible, and the prices not outrageous, but still high. Given the lack of competition is the area, I am not surprised that it thrives.

    2. The Crescent City Bistro closed a month or so ago. In an interview the owner gave reasons for the birth of a child and wanting more down time with his family. Other explanations were that their prices were too high for Dover and a lack of business. Another place around the corner, Little Louie's Fish House, closed for what are most likely similar reasons.