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May 12, 2005 03:31 PM

Enoteca in Kittery, ME

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I just noticed in La Cucina Italiana that there is an Enoteca Italiana in Kittery, ME.
Has anyone been there? I'm dying to check it out this summer when I'm in the area.

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  1. Fantastic place, you need to go.

    Great meat selection: sopressato's, salamis, capicicolas, prosciuttos- including a crazy wild boar one-awesome... great selection of primarily Italian wines.. very large cheese and antispasto selection... real water buffalo mozz.. they get fresh bread from a place in newburyport i think, but usaully go to Beach Pea down the road...

    If you havent been to the area, .2 miles south of Enoteca are 5 other great stores: a huge green grocer, a good meat market, Beach Pea Baking has awesome breads and desserts, a fresh italian/pasta shop with great take out and a super friendly fish market.. also a bit further south, take a left on Government and you will see Cacao Cholates.. out of this world!


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      i just stopped by Enoteca today to pick up some Annarosa baguettes and some of their wonderful tapenade and it was DARK--with a sign on the door saying "CLOSING"?? I am so sad. And yes, Beach Pea is wonderful as is Golden Harvest for produce and wine.