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May 3, 2005 09:11 PM

Nashua Ribfest/NH Barbecue Championship?

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This is scheduled for the weekend of June 10. Has anyone been to it in the past and can comment on whether or not it's a total mob scene? The list of local vendors seems to be pretty much the cream of the crop, so I imagine the non-local places have also got to be pretty good.


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  1. I didn't go to the Merrimack event last year, but some of the vendor names seem familiar from the Harpoon Brewery Windsor, VT BBQ championship. (This year's is July 22, 23, 24)

    Some of the vendor 'Q was really, really good! If you love super authentic BBQ I'd say you will find it there.

    1. What a shame to have to wash down good Q with lousy beer.

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      1. re: rl

        rl, I'm with you in spirit at least on your sentiment.

        BUT, I can deal with some swill water for a while if it means an otherwise good time. I just try not to drink too much of it or it leads to intestinal problems.

        Sounds like the Harpoon/VT BBQ fest is the place for you! Real beer there, plug great Q.... best of both worlds.

      2. This is a great event - lots of great Q - and the bands are a real mix. Also lots for kids to do...

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        1. re: Jim H

          Oh great, thanks! I put it on the calendar! Looking forward to some fine BBQ...

        2. I thought I would reply to this to bring it to the top of the forum, because I was looking for good BBQ today and found this. They're having this event at the brewery again this year on the 22nd thru the 24th. I'll definitely be going!