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Aug 15, 2000 09:58 PM

Seafood Market in San Francisco?

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Can anyone direct me to a good seafood market in the city? I'm originally from Seattle, and I was spoiled by a market there called Mutual Fish & Co. This market had everything ... and much of the seafood there was sushi quality. I especially liked the big salt water tanks that held an abundant supply of live clams, oysters, prawns, and of course dungeness crab.

I tried a couple of markets in J-town, but I didn't find one that carried the variety or freshness of seafood that I was looking for. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

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  1. what about the big chinese market on 24th ave & Irving?

    1. Not sure if you're willing to go to the East Bay. Everyone that I've worked for on this side gets their fish from Monterey Market. Chez Panisse gets their stuff from them.
      I wish I could help you. Must be tough being from Seattle and having that Pike's Place.

      1. The best bets for inexpensive and live seafood are the many Chinese fish markets in Chinatown and along Clement St. in the Richmond. I also buy from The Fresh Fish Co. on the Embarcadero - mostly a broker supplying top restaurants such as Boulevard, Zuni, Hawthorne Lane, etc. but they will also sell in retail quantities for many items and accept credit cards. This is where I buy PEI mussels and halibut cheeks.