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Aug 15, 2000 03:05 PM

Good seafood AND a view possible in the city?

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Is it possible to actually get good seafood AND a view in the city? I will be there Labor Day weekend and want to avoid a disappointment. I'm NOT looking for some great little hole-in-the-wall w/no atmosphere - I truly would like a touristy experience - I just want the food to be decent! Thanks!

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  1. The Waterfront Restaurant at the foot of Broadway has a two bridge view (maybe even all three bridges on a clear day) and has a good reputation. Haven't been there myself.

    On Fisherman's Wharf itself, I'd recommend Alioto's. Was there for a German Wine Society event with Dave Sit last fall and the multi-course meal was very good. Dave said it was the finest halibut he'd had in a long time. I liked the seafood sausage, full of scallops and shellfish. Nunzio Alioto is a Master Sommelier and a great fan of German riesling.

    1. We had dinner at the Waterfront a year or so ago -- the food was great, but the service on that night was not good -- I'm not sure if that was a fluke or is usual. I've been hearing good things about Scoma's at Fisherman's Wharf; I haven't been there in years but I recall it being quite good. If I were in your position I would probably give Scoma's a try.

      1. dante's in pier 39 used to be very good and wonderful views- haven't been there in awhile. recently, we've been going to scomas which is very good- long waits, tho

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          Judy Leibovitch

          McCormick and Kuleto's in Ghiradelli Square has a terrific view. It's been a bunch of years since I've eaten there, but don't remember any negative impressions.

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            mccormick and kuletos is still very good. my husband mentioned it last night and i was upset i had forgotten it when i posted yesterday

          2. Well in Sausalito which is just across the GG Bridge there is a restaurant in the Casa Madrona hotel called Mikayla. Then also there is Ondine. That's if you want a view of the city.

            For a view with good seafood while you are in the city there is either Waterfront or McCormick and Kuleto or Ana Mandara

            Good luck!

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              Can you tell us about Ana Mandara? Haven't been there yet - did ya see Don Johnson?

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                Ate at Ana Mandara last Spring and found it to be attractive and to have very good food. No, I saw neither Don Johnson nor Cheech Marin. There was an article in today San Francisco Chronicle by their restaurant critic, Michael Bauer, that prices have risen there and the service is not quite as good, although the food still is very good. He commented about the Mekong basa fish that he liked, as did we. It's a very tasty steamed white fish. If they have water views from some of the tables we did not have such a view.

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                  Thanks a bunch for the word. Tried to book a table there a few months ago and had no luck - I'll try again.