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newport RI?

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Im taking my girlfriend to Newport in mid May for a surprise getaway. Anyone know of a good restaurant there?

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  1. Search the board for Newport, there are hundreds of recommendations. Try Tucker's on Broadway.

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      asterix and obelisk, also castle hill inn

    2. We loved the Cheeky Monkey, great food and service. Very interesting decor.

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        Cheeky Monkey is probably the noisiest restaurant I've ever had dinner in - so avoid it if you're looking for something romantic.

        1. Shells and Scales. Nice looking grilled food, but I had lobster fra diavolo, really good. Pretty informal, but there's another dining room upstairs. Bring cash, no credit cards.

          I found a link, see below.

          Link: http://www.scalesandshells.com/

          1. We just got back last week. Try the Red Parrot (reasonably priced - diverse menu - Caribbean flair); Sardella's (Italian restaurant - reasonably priced - romantic); and Busker's (Irish pub - reasonably priced - great Irish menu).

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              Try Puerini's next to Sardella's for Italian. Sardella's has the awesome patio which draws the tourists, but Puerini's food is a category above. They make their own pasta in their small pasta factory right up in Fall River Mass.

            2. If your inquiry is general, take Joanie's advice and search the board. If you are looking for something more specific, help us help you. There are dozens of great restaurants in Newport. Narrow it down by cuisine and atmosphere and we can be more helpful.

              My personal picks:
              For formal romantic my current pick is Spiced Pear. For casual simple seafood done well - Scales and Shells.
              Funky eclectic casual - Salvation Cafe (go to Pop afterwards for drinks) for less casual - cheeky monkey.
              Great harbor views and that traditional Newport vibe Clarke Cooke House, Black Pearl or the Moorings (more informal than the first two).
              Via Via for Pizza.

              Flo's has gone downhill and the parrot and brick alley are really no different than your local TGIF.

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                I would normally agree with Spiced Pear. However I now have to disagree as they have changed the previous format and the Chef that made them so famous left. I dont know what all the changes are but I went there last weekend and it was terrible for the first time ever. There is even a caesar salad on the menu. How plain. The server told me the chef, pastry chef and wine master left to do another project. When I spoke with Lonnie at the desk, she agreed and told me things have gone down hill since the new managers took over. Im very disapointed.

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                  Omg. thank you for the warning. Wishing I'd used that gift certificate siting in my desk before the change . . .

                  1. re: debtslave

                    Im with ya. They were great before. Not everyones cup of tea but truly exceptional. Now they stink. Just another restaurant that has high prices and poor service.

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                      I was eagerly anticipating an exceptional culinary experience...and between the poor service and mediocre food (on 5/29/05)it ended up being arguably the worst dining experience I have yet had in Newport RI. What a disappointment! Don't bother with the Spiced Pear...it is definately not worth the bridge token.

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                    I sat at the bar recently an ordered a couple of appetizers. While they were very tasty, they were TINY and more expensive than in the past.