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Aug 14, 2000 03:26 PM

Stuck in So. San Francisco

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Business takes me to the So. Sanfrancisco area every so often. I would like to hear about Great eats in the area...if there is any? I have been working my way down to Burlinggame and have found a few good spots BUT..Does anyone have any leads closer to So. San fran???'

Preferably Itallian!!

Thanks, John

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  1. My experience in SoSF is dated, but I'll rattle off a few places I used to like when I worked in the area. Then you can let us know whether they're still good or even around.

    Italian - Pasta Moon in Oyster Point, Buon Gusto on Grand, and I want to say Bertolucci's (?)if that's the place you can see from 101 with the name on the roof. Only get the cannoli - Mama B died a couple years ago so can't vouch for the new cannoli maker.

    Breakfast/lunch - Joanne's on El Camino just south of Kaiser hospital. I've been thinking about her lately and wanting to revisit. Best muffins, great omelets, burgers, and whatever the lunch special is.

    Mexican - La Tapatia grocery store and take-out taqueria, recommended on the board recently. On Grand near City Hall.

    Basque Cultural Center - This is one I've been to lately. French basque chef, hearty family style meals for cheap, dining room open to non-members. Had dinner here in December when I was researching Basque menus. Had the daily special which was the standard cream of green soup in a bottomless tureen, simple green salad, first course of unctuous oxtails braised in red wine, and I was totally stuffed by the time the main, a heaping plate of roast pork with lingonberry sauce (was too dry)with snapping fresh baby veggies (haricort verts, wax beans, zucchini) that were a wonder in the middle of winter. Dessert is a scoop of vanilla ice cream or sherbert. The light textured crisp sesame crusted bread is good too. Think this set me back $10.

    Filipino - Can't recall the name, but it was over by the railroad tracks off of Spruce. Giant crispy pata.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Got interrupted before I could finish. Will keep rattling on...

      Wine cellar: Can't remember the name, but there's a new restaurant on Grand that's opened in the last year or so that has an extensive wine collection if you're looking for the cult cabs, burgundy, etc. I'd had some trouble finding the Basque Cultural Center the night mentioned above, had stopped downtown to ask for directions, and spotted two friends of mine heading toward this restaurant. They'd signed up for a special wine dinner and had asked me to kibbitz with them. I did go in, looked at the regular menu and wine list, but wasn't that interested in the selection for the special event and moved on. This looked like a spot worth returning to.

      Chinese - Koi Palace on Gellert in Daly City a bit north and on the other side of hwy 280. And, since you've found Burlingame, Millbrae is one town closer and the center of Chinese high cuisine in the Bay Area.

      And, don't forget that SoSF is the corporate headquarters of See's Candy. The store is on El Camino.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        WOW! Who would have thunk it!! I guess I need to branch out. I will be staying at the Inn at Oyster Point. I believe the Italian resturant out there is only open during the day, and closed all weekend! Too bad, it is good! I have tried Bertolucci, forgot about that one! I was there late one night and ate at the bar...not bad! Thanks for all the input!

        Caio, John

        1. re: John

          Please let us know how you like these places. As I said, haven't been to some of them for awhile.

          Sort of surprised myself too when I started typing how much there is in SoSF. You can imagine how shocked I was to spot my two friends from Mountain View on the sidewalks of this sleepy town.

          What I really wanted to ask though, John, is why are you stuck? The whole world of San Francisco (proper) dining lies only 15 mins. north. I assume you have a car when you travel since you've been down the Peninsula.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            True! True! I have a car. Its just that I work into early evenings and do not have the energy to push into the city. I usually have a small window of time when I get out to SF. Sometimes I just see the airport and my office!! Sad! BUT...That being said, once in a while I save the company money by flying in on Saturday Night and I usually spend Sunday exploring the Bay Area! I am a bit biased about my city (NYC) and think it is the greatest walking city in the world! When I have time in SF, I try and visit the "outskirts" of the city to get that Calif. Feeling" that I cannot get at home! You know the routine (Wine country, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Yosemite!!, etc.) Oh, another point...I enjoy the "grape" and try not to drive too far to get back to my hotel after a meal, thus another reason for resturants in the So. SF area! I have also stayed in downtown and I have enjoyed the walks back to the Hotel after a meal! Xcpt for the Homeless! Verrrry Agressive begging!, I am a big man but it still is a bit unnerving.....Wow! as Dennis Miller says " I guess I got off on a rant", sorry! Thanks again for the recommendations! I will be combing these links for great places to try!

            1. re: John

              Yes, the wonder of San Francisco is how much there is within an hour or two's drive from the City. If you haven't explored the wineries of the Santa Cruz Mountains yet, you're in for a treat.

              1. re: John

                i need the names/locations of italian resturants in half moon bay, pacifica, and environs

                1. re: ben

                  Quality is hard to find on the coast. How about Pasta Moon in Half Moon Bay?

        2. re: Melanie Wong

          is that the same pasta moon as half moon bay??

          1. re: tonya casmo

            Yes, I was told it's the same owner. Haven't been to the one in Half Moon Bay myself.

          2. re: Melanie Wong

            Report back: Was in SF this week and tried one of your spots....Joanne's.....Went for lunch and it wonderful!! Had that nice diner feel, friendly staff and great tasting food! As a bonus I went to the bathroom which, as you know, is thru the kitchen!! Any place that lets you walk thru the Kitchen better have a CLEAN KITCHEN! It was spotless, and the ingredients sure looked fresh! Thanks again for the post!


            1. re: John
              Joanne's - So. San Francisco

              Oh I'm so glad! Thanks for the report back. I haven't seen Joanne or eaten there for about 5 years, which is about the time I heard she broke up with Tony who was the grill chef. I'm happy that things are still ship shape. Is there still a Tony burger? Or maybe it's the X-burger?

              I was so thrilled to discover this spot (in the middle of what was even more of a culinary wasteland 15 years ago) and set up a company charge account there. While they'd deliver lunch, no such luck for breakfast. Our admin staff were not happy picking up muffins at 7:00am for board meetings, but once the Chairman and other directors tried Joanne's breakfast pastries, no others would do!