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Aug 7, 2000 10:54 AM

nappa/blue violet mansion???

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anyone ever stay there?? eat there?? any opinions?? thx in adv. ciao

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  1. I'm a Napa native Stephen. Most any upscale bed and breakfast you stay in around here is a pleasant experience. The lifeblood of this burb is tourism. I have only stayed in Churchill Manor, but I can assure you that they all are very pleasant stays. This B&B is located on Brown Street, which is part of the old downtown area. It's very charming. Have Fun. If you need any winery or eats info give a bark!

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      stephen kaye

      thx mch, its for my friends, on their honeymoon. they're staying at blue violet. eating at frech laundry, tra vigne,terra mustards, bistro jeantry. anything you can recommend is very appreciated. thx much

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        If they don't already have a reso at the French Laundry they aren't eating there. I advise all hounds to check out the review a brother hound posted on the main board. The woman taking reservations is not a pleasant person. My fiance was treated so bad by these people that I wouldn't eat there if Thomas Keller footed the bill. Have them try the Foothill Cafe in Napa. I think Tra Vigne is overated. Brix is neat, but I have a reason for this bias, I knew half the staff at one time. The menu had some neat little twists on asian fusion, nd a large wine list. The executive chef, and chief souus chef have moved on to other ventures. I have always dug the Royal Oak room at Silverado country club. I wish your friends the time of their lives.


      2. re: Brandon

        thx brandon. gary danko sounds good. just hope its not stuffy?? pls rsvp if posss. thx in adv