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Aug 6, 2000 11:39 PM


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A bay area native who had soup dumplings in NY at Joe's Shanghai.
Where can I find them-there must be someplace in all of San Fransisco to find them.
Called the Fountain Court-which is a Shanghai Restaurant but they said they have "Juicy Shanghai Dumplings" but said no soup inside. Somehow I must find them-please help.

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    Melanie Wong

    Check out Jim's report on Seafood Harbor in Millbrae. We had the shark's fin soup dumplin there, the double-boiled broth is fantastic.

    I've tried the version at Canton Restaurant in SF on the dim sum menu, and it's no good.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Melanie--I'm pretty sure Bob's looking for Shanghai dumplings with the soup INSIDE the dumpling rather than Cantonese dumplings in soup.

      Bob, the only place I've tried is in Oakland: the "Shanghai Clay Pot". But (as explained in my dining diary entry for June 16), I don't think it's great (many disagree with me on this one). But I'm not sure there IS great Shanghai food out there.


      1. re: Jim Leff
        Melanie Wong

        The dumplings we had at Seafood Harbor had soup INSIDE the dumpling as well as a double-boiled soup outside.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          "The dumplings we had at Seafood Harbor had soup INSIDE the dumpling as well as a double-boiled soup outside."

          yeah, but heck, Melanie...what's the trick to THAT? ; )

          By the way, I found sticky rice "tamales" in Queens to rival the ones at Yuet Lee

          1. re: Jim Leff

            > yeah, but heck, Melanie...what's the trick to THAT? ; )

            Indeed. I cannot recall ever having a suijiao/wonton/gyoza which kept the soup OUT, so how does one go about keeping the soup IN?

            I must confess total ignorance of this dish.

            1. re: Jim Wong

              I think they put something which solidifies at room temperature, but which becomes liquid at higher temperatures (e.g., some form of fat or gelatin) inside the dumpling. I've heard that soup dumplings are heated these days by microwave, but since this is an old Shanghai dish which pre-dates microwave ovens there must be more traditional alternatives.

        2. re: Jim Leff
          Melanie Wong

          The problem with the soup dumpling at Canton Restaurant was there was no soup INSIDE.

          I've also had the soup inside sharks fin dumpling at Yank Sing on Battery, but this was ordered for banquet dinners. Don't know if it's a regular item at the regular lunch dim sum.

      2. Shanghai 369 in San Jose has FABULOUS dumplings of the kind you are seeking. The pork and soup/broth inside the dumpling is heavenly comfort food for me when I get frustrated with the bay area's restaurants. The crab dumplings (also Shanghai style) are sumptuous as well! The veggies and noodles are very tasty too.

        Be prepared to point and repeat -- very few of the waiters speak English. But, who cares when the food's this good?

        1. j
          Jefferson Scher

          The more I look, the more I find these. With funny names like, "miniature juicy pork buns." To confirm what they are before ordering, I usually gesture to the waiter in a twisting motion, to show that the top of the dumpling is twisted into a circle. This seems to be the only commonality between restaurants.

          Places I have tried, with varying degrees of success, include:

          Chef Wong's, Castro Street @ Villa, Mountain View - good (and free kim chee if you ask)

          Peking Duck, El Camino Real @ California Ave., Palo Alto - tiny but tasty every time

          Original Peking Restaurant, San Pablo Ave. @ Moeser, El Cerrito - not all that juicy the time I tried

          Contrary to the comment about microwaving, these always seem to take forever, so I think I am getting something authentically steamed. Good luck in your quest. Perhaps it would help to take along a photograph!!