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Aug 6, 2000 10:37 AM

Zagat's for SF

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Picked the SF Zagat's up in prep for the big trip and was not impressed - very few listings, what I perceive to be a largely anti- Chinese food bias, and fairly dopey quotes in the "cleanest place for x weird foreign cuisine" vein. I know the reviewers are self-selecting, but surely a place with such a vibrant food culture should be able to come up with a better effort? Am I missing something? Is there a better SF Bay area guide (Z's being NY-based)?

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  1. "Is there a better SF Bay area guide (Z's being NY-based)?"

    It's not a question of where they're based...Zagat's the same in NYC.

    For the best guide on where to find the best food in San Francisco, use the link below.


    1. Do you want Chinese? There's House of Nanking in Chinatown. I must warn you about the line and the abrupt service. Then there's Ton Kiang out in the Richmond District.

      1. If what you are looking for is "A Narrated Roadmap to Dives, Joints, All-Night Cafes, Noodle Houses, Buffets and Other Cheap Places to Eat in the Bay Area", then the book:

        *Eat This, San Francisco* by Dan Leone, Sasquatch Books, Seattle, 1999 ISBN 1-57061-184-X

        should be right up your alley.

        BTW, if you work your way through the Zagat's Top 40 Food Ranking, you will have a quite enjoyble six weeks or so.