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Apr 5, 2005 10:23 PM

Fish markets in Providence?

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I'm moving to Providence and away from my beloved neighborhood fish market. I know Whole Foods and Eastside Market have good fish counters, but are there any recommendations out there for Providence fish markets -mom and pop style- that have excellent, FRESH fish?

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  1. I was going to send you to Galloway's on Smithfield Ave in Pawtucket.

    Exit 25 off 95. Not too far from Providence at all.

    I haven't lived in the area for 30 years so wanted to make sure they were still around. They are.

    I did find a link which I'll post, but it says Seafood Restaurants in the title. Most of these I think are more fish markets, so call ahead to see what they offer.

    Hopefully someone that lives in the area will be more helpfull if they see the listing.


    1. Sorry, can't help you out with this one, as I've generally found Eastside Market and Whole Foods (which will be closing at some point in Wayland Sq) sufficiently good and fresh that I haven't sought out other alternatives.

      Let us know what you find, though!

      - Garris
      Providence, RI

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        Wait! I'm out of the loop on WF closing in Wayland Square....what's the story on that?

        1. re: deeelish

          Not sure what the latest is...

          About 2 years ago, it was reported they were closing the Wayland Sq WF when the new Cranston store was going to open. It was said that the Wayland Sq store makes money, but just doesn't fit with the new WF "big box" model (even the N.Main University Heights store is considered "small" by the new WF business plan).

          WF at first didn't deny the Wayland closing, but they later came out and said the store was staying *open* (although this coincided with the delays in construction of the Cranston store).

          Now that the Cranston WF is "on" again as a project, I don't know what the latest is on the future of the Wayland Sq store. Living a block away as I'll do, I'll fight to try to keep it open! I consider it my pantry, and drop a pretty penny there.

          - Garris
          Providence, RI

      2. Try Todd's Daily Catch in Smithfield off Route 44. Fresh fish and great chowder.

        1. Not much in the way of what you are asking. WF and ESM are the better choices in Providence.

          Althought there is some hope. A new retail fish market will be opening on the corner of Atwells and Dean in the next couple of months. Supposedly the owner is a RI-native third generation commerical fisherman.

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          1. re: basachs

            I've been eagerly awaiting the new shop on Atwells and Dean for the last few months... how much longer will they make me wait?!

          2. Carcieri's Market on Charles St. Not a fish market- they'll have 1 or 2 items to choose from, but whatever they have on any given day is the best fresh fish deal in town.

            I've seen Galloways and wondered- Now I will have to stop in.

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            1. re: atheorist

              Is it Elmwood Ave that has the Asian markets? If so, there is an Asian/Latin market somewhere along there (sorry for the vagueness... maybe someone can help pin this down), with a great fish counter.. whole fish, they will scale and filet if you wish... some good odd stuff too.