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Aug 3, 2000 05:29 PM

s.f honeymoon need help

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howdy, I've got close friends on a honeymoon, a 1 nite layover in s.f. where should they go for the best food/hippest place, they only have 1 nite in s.f. money no object., they are very experienced diners etc, and are restaurant owers. thx in adv.

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  1. you are describing Foreign Cinema on Mission Street near 20th Street

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    1. re: dukedee
      JB Leibovitch

      Money no object, Aqua. Seafood like you've never seen it!

      1. re: JB Leibovitch
        stephen kaye

        mille grazie to all

    2. Elisabeth Daniel. You said "money, no object". Yum.

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      1. re: MA

        reads ike good french food. but how's the vibe in the room?? hip/fun/young/informal. or just the opposite. thx in adv.

      2. Honeymoon layover and dinner with no spending limit? It's a tough reservation to get, but I'd hit Gary Danko.

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        1. re: Brandon
          stephen kaye

          thx much any background info on gary danko??

          1. re: stephen kaye

            Gary danko is, if my ever failing memory serves me, the former exec. chef at the Ritz Carlton dining room. The someilier is a much sought after young woman that believes in food friendly wine. This place will soon be on the map as world class.


            1. re: stephen kaye
              judy Leibovitch

              There was a recent SF Chronicle article re: Danko. Apparently he is a favorite disciple and student of Madeleine Kamman.

          2. Masa's, Aqua, Postrio, Acquerello, La Folie if they don't want to leave the city. In that order of preference.

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            1. re: Ed

              Second Acquerello. Wonderful food, impeccable service, calming ambience.

            2. Hawthorn Lane. Excellent food, excellent wine, excellent help. Money no object.