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Town of Fairfield Suggestions??

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Just moved to Fairfield from Manhattan and would love some recs. Had a very nice dinner at La Colline Verte and we are trying Mako tomorrow. Drove by what looks like a less than attractive strip mall today to see exactly where it was. Hope its good. Any suggestions on any type of cuisine would be great!


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  1. Try Ash Creek Saloon (on the Post Road near the Bridgeport line)for baby back ribs and the like.

    1. Centro's (on the Post Road) does a great cook at home pasta dinner, a nice place to eat in too.
      Quattro Pazzi (also on the Post Road) is a small but good Italian place.
      Cinzano's (on Black Rock Tpk) is a nice fancy-ish Italian - I've never been disappointed here.

      1. I second the recommendations for Centro and Quattro. I'd also recommend heading "next door" to Westport for a number of good restaurants - Acqua (Mediterranean/seafood), Splash (pan-Asian), Tengda (mostly Japanese), Taipan (Chinese), Bombay (Indian), Thai Village (Thai) and V's (American/California).

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          Kelly Migliaccio

          Definitely agree with Quattro Pazzi-it's one of my favorite restaurants. Black Rock Oyster House can be good also.

          1. Bravo in Fairfield is pretty decent.

            1. I grew up in te Norwalk area, went to high school in Fairfield and lived in Westport for years (as well as Bridgeport but we don't say that too loudly :) )

              I've been away (almost 10 years) so don't keep up with the current scene but here are some suggestions:

              Bagels: Bagel King on Black Rock Turnpike - I like them better than H&H since they are not as sweet - also try a "portugese roll" Best sandwich roll in the world!

              Apizza Center just on the Bridgeport/Fairfield line. Great homestyle southern Italian. Huge portions, order lightly. GREAT cavatelli with Bolognese sauce and fried calamari.

              Rawleys on the post road for a great hot dog.

              Devours bakery (just across the street for Rawley's) for great dounuts and danish.

              Brick Oven Pizza just into Bridgeport for great pizza (look it up in the phone book)

              Westport does have a bunch of good restaurants. At one point in the 1970's they had more places serving alcohol than anywhere else in the US per capita. You may have to put up with a bit of attitude though.

              We also used to like Breakaway in Southport which may now be Thatcher's. Tiny bar food kind of place.

              My only word of advice: be adverturous. There's a great Portugese place on Main St. in Bridgeport, great mexican if you speak a bit of Spanish, etc.

              We really miss the food there.

              let us all know what you find.


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                Breakaway in Fairfield is now Rory's

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                    When did Rory's close? Has it been replaced yet?

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                  Devore's has closed (sigh).
                  (I just realized the original post is from 2005, but what the heck, I'll leave this up anyway.)

                  If you want to sample Westport restaurants without committing to a full meal, I believe the Taste of Westport is coming up soon, I think May 3. (The website is www.tasteofwestport.com.) Anyway, it features a number of the Westport restaurants already mentioned here -- Splash and Tengda for sure, maybe more. I think Fairfield does a Taste of thing later on, maybe June or July.

                2. Oh, how could I forget. . .

                  Coffee An' in Westport has the BEST dounuts you will ever taste. South Beach or no South Beach, when you need to splurge look them up.

                  They are closed Sunday and don't fry dounuts on Monday's but look them up..


                  1. La Colline Verte is one of the nicest spots in Fairfield.

                    Other possibilities:

                    Saint Tropez (French, with a seafood emphasis)
                    Sherman's Reef (I think it's really a French bistro trying to disguise itself as something American)

                    In Westport, try Pane Vino, Da Pietro's (small, more expensive, definitely need reservations, the Blue Lemon is also worth a try.

                    1. It has to be Liana's trattoria on tunxis hill road.
                      I love Quattro pazzi, but when I want a nice evening and REALLY good Italian food with warm friendly service without being intrusive, I'll choose Liana's.
                      It doesn't look like much from the outside, but when you go in it just never seems to amaze me at how warm and inviting it is.
                      Used to see Martha Stewart there often but that was before the trouble started. Any way,,,I love it.

                      1. Mako is really good. Don't let the location fool you.