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Apr 1, 2005 06:16 PM

Town of Fairfield Suggestions??

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Just moved to Fairfield from Manhattan and would love some recs. Had a very nice dinner at La Colline Verte and we are trying Mako tomorrow. Drove by what looks like a less than attractive strip mall today to see exactly where it was. Hope its good. Any suggestions on any type of cuisine would be great!


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  1. Try Ash Creek Saloon (on the Post Road near the Bridgeport line)for baby back ribs and the like.

    1. Centro's (on the Post Road) does a great cook at home pasta dinner, a nice place to eat in too.
      Quattro Pazzi (also on the Post Road) is a small but good Italian place.
      Cinzano's (on Black Rock Tpk) is a nice fancy-ish Italian - I've never been disappointed here.

      1. I second the recommendations for Centro and Quattro. I'd also recommend heading "next door" to Westport for a number of good restaurants - Acqua (Mediterranean/seafood), Splash (pan-Asian), Tengda (mostly Japanese), Taipan (Chinese), Bombay (Indian), Thai Village (Thai) and V's (American/California).

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          Kelly Migliaccio

          Definitely agree with Quattro Pazzi-it's one of my favorite restaurants. Black Rock Oyster House can be good also.

          1. Bravo in Fairfield is pretty decent.