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Jul 29, 2000 06:33 PM

Cantonese ---- Provincial?

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"Yes, I've noticed this with several of my Cantonese chowhound friends! They're very cosmopolitan, interested in all manner of chow diversity, but the thought of eating Taiwanese, Sichuan, or Shanghai food is as unthinkable to them as the thought of eating cheese would have been to their grandparents!"

I think there are a few factors at work here. First, if one is raised eating Cantonese cuisine, the dishes of homecooking are comfort food. Then when one goes to other parts of the Chinese world and observes that the fanciest and most highly regarded restaurant in town is the Cantonese place, it does reinforce the general view that Cantonese is the best of Chinese regional cuisines. I would define Cantonese rather broadly to take in the various ethnic groups in southern China, e.g., Hakka and Chiu Chow.

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  1. Maybe I haven't eaten tip top Cantonese food in a long Taiwan it was always the most expensive so we tended more to other cuisines.
    Woops also checked back and see it was you who recommended Danko. Thanks!

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      Melanie Wong

      Thanks for confirming my impression that it seems to be the most expensive, outside of its native region. One of the most expensive meals I've ever had was at Sun Tung Lok in Taipei, a branch of the HK restaurant. I think it was something like $300 per person. I remember they gave me a souvenir brochure, in English, about the restaurant, wonder where I saved it...