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Mar 7, 2005 03:52 PM

Rafaello's Hamden, Ct now Luce??

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I passed by Rafaello's in Hamden this morning. The name was changed to Luce (or something like it). Anyone know what gives?

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  1. From what I read it's the same owner. I heard he remodeled the place. Richie

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      Any connection with the excellent Luce's in Middletown, CT?

    2. Yes, it has changed to Luce, and I hear it's fabulous. It now has a sit-down bar and the menu is better than ever.

      1. Just a quick update on Luce in Hamden...we were there Friday night for dinner. Food was excellent, service was lousy. As soon as a big party arrived in our waiter's section, we were forgotten about. Maybe it is better to go on a weeknight.