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Mar 6, 2005 01:54 AM

New Britain, Connecticut: any good restaurants?

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I was born and raised in New Britain, but have not lived there in over twenty- five years. Does anyone out there know of any decent restaurants in this city? There used to be a few decent German and Italian places many years ago, but I suspect they may be gone by now!

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  1. I was born in New Britain also. Now I live in a suburb outside of New Britain. There are a couple of restaurants that might fit your bill. Probably the best of the lot is Great Taste, a very good chinese restaurant on the West Side just off of Corbin Avenue. As far as German cuisine, there's the East Side on Dwight Street. The food there is adequate and it has a great selection of beers on tap. There's a new polish restaurant that I haven't gotten to yet, but I've heard mixed reviews. The Capitol Lunch, with their hot dogs and proprietary meat sauce (which some people swear by and others swear at) has been around for years. Generally speaking, New Britain is not a mecca for Chowhounds. For really good eating you've got to head out to the suburbs.

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      A group of us Red Hatters plan to go to Angelico's Restaurant in New Britain in a few weeks and have heard wonderful things about it. It is an Italian/American restaurant and you can check out their menu at the website below.


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        Wow. Looks pretty good. I have to admit that I hadn't heard of it before (maybe that's why the website bills it as "New Britain's best kept secret". Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely try it.

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          Thanks for the info, folks! Another Question: Wasn't there once a great warm and friendly red-sauce style Southern- Italian restaurant called Theresa's in New Britain? I was there about twenty years ago, and I wonder if they are still there or have moved on or closed? I have great memories of going there as a child!

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            I think you may be referring to a small italian place that used to be on Arch Street. I remember going there quite a few years ago. If that's the one you're thinking of, I regret to inform you that it closed some time ago. It's a neighborhood bar now.

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              I am replying several years after the originalpost, so I am not sure if you will even see this, Mr. Nutmeg, but I grew up right by Teresa's Restaurant on South Main St. in New Britain. Unfortunately, it's been closed for at least ten years now, but you're right, it was a great place. My own recommendations would be Great Taste (in the old iHop building on West Main St.) which is really good, and Staropolska on Broad St.

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          I have to say, the dogs at the Capitol Lunch were inferior in my dog eating odyssey of a couple weeks ago. Boring roll, not grilled enough, and the sauce is interesting but not a must IMHO.

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            Capitol Lunch dogs are vile, IMHO. Great Taste is good and Angelico's is a solid, nice place with good food and good prices.

          2. re: Far Far

            Great Taste is really good. For Polish food, I like Cracovia on Broad St. tho' I haven't been there for a couple years now.