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Jul 14, 2000 12:08 AM


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I think that it is too hard to look up a restaurant on this web site. My second message is that you seemed to have overlooked the Santa Cruz area, which is included under San Francisco Area in a lot of guide books. Santa Cruz has a lot of really nice restaurants with great food and no where as expensive as San Francisco, for the same quality. I am thinking of places like Convivio, Blue Spoon, etc., etc.

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  1. Regarding looking up specific restaurants, have you tried the search box in the upper right corner of the main page? If you type in a restaurant name, you'll get a list of posts in which the name appears and the replies to them. Definitely easier than paging back through the posts chronologicslly, especially since many places are discussed in posts where the title doesn't include the restaurant name.

    As far as the content of the message boards, it depends entirely on what people like you and me decide to post here. Since this is just a community of people sharing info, and not a professional "review" site, what's discussed isn't necessarily comprehensive (though it can be). If you want to see some discussion about Santa Cruz restaurants, the best thing to do is post something about your favorites (using an indicative title, like "Great Santa Cruz restaurants," and being descriptive in your post), and then see where it goes. In other words, if you want to see Santa Cruz mentioned on this board, mention it!

    1. good to hear from another santa cruzian, but i have to say that i really appreciate this site. but yes there's tons of good eating in sc, but many niches of the culinary world are absent from our community, like there's only 1 indian restuarant here, etc. i really like al dente, but that's only for people who don't mind a long wait and harried service for excellent pasta that's pretty reasonably priced. i recently dined at blue spoon, and our meals were good, but not great, and the service was a little amaturish, like bring entress to our small table while we were still eating salads and never bringing a second helping of bread. mobo sushi is good and i love the pollo burritos from the la esperanza market. try using more specific messages on the board, and i'm sure more people will reply about santa cruz. candice