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Jul 9, 2000 12:48 AM

a very pleasant lunch in Berkeley: Crepevine

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We took Miriam up to Berkeley today to stay with her sister Blythe, en route to the airport and back to Philly, and had lunch at one of Elise's favorite spots, Crepevine (College Ave just so. of the Rockridge BART station).

This is a fine lunch spot: about half the seating is outdoor, and the indoor portion has a whole lotta glass, so it feels like a solarium. Lunch is order at the counter & sit, & a waitstaff brings the food to you. I particularly like the salads--the Bangkok is a favorite--ginger curry marinated chicken on a mixture of greens that includes mint and cilantro in addition to the usual mixed greens. Crepes are a specialty, hence the name. We had the lemon/butter/sugar dessert crepe--nice & zingy. They feature fresh-squeezed juices & fresh lemonade, also.

All in all, a very laid back, enjoyable lunch despite the fact that the place was absolutely packed. The wait on line to order was probably 5 min., and then the wait for the food to arrive was perhaps 10 min. Lunch for 4 including (non-alcoholic) drinks and a single dessert we shared (it was plenty) came to about $35, tax included.


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