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Jul 4, 2000 11:26 PM

Genki sushi

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I know I have recommended Genki on this board before, but the sushi I had there last evening was so wonderful I feel the need to share. The whole meal (with the exception of the gratis edamame) was fantastic, but two items were exceptional. Fresh albacore was so so melt in the mouth tender that I almost felt angry at my boy for accepting my offer to share the two-piece order with him. Then (having run out of cleaned fillet?) the chef cut into a brand-new side of yellowtail to present us with the two most mind-blowing pieces of hamachi ever! dappled white, mineral, tender, a trim of white skin, wow. And it only cost $4.00. Genki keeps getting better and better every time I go. If you're going to visit, make sure to sit at the bar.

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    Judy Leibovitch

    JB and I checked out Genki Sushi and have to agree that the sushi quality is excellent. I particulary enjoyed my eel/avocado roll. Expecting a typical maki with both unagi and avocado inside, I enjoyed seeing the thin layer of avocado layering the top, garnished with alternating orange and green tobiko. JB personally felt that our usual, Tachibana, on College Ave in Rockridge, is just as good, and with slightly more polished ambiance, but I think Genki has more variety and better maki sushi.