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Jun 22, 2000 11:46 PM

Looking For Lao--Lan Xang?

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Is Lan Xang still open on Geary? My wife and I ate there about 10 years ago and thought it was great. We're taking a trip to San Francisco in July and wanted to know if the place was still there, or if not, what other Laotian food options were available. I particularly remember enjoying a sticky rice and "beef jerky" dish that was fabulous, along with ham and crispy rice salad and "two lovers deep fried," a combination of shrimp and squid. We'd love to have this stuff again.

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  1. I hope others have better info, but I have only heard tell of 2 Lao restuarants in the SF area. One on 6th Street (maybe 7th but unlikely), in the first block below Market, the same block as Tu Lan. The other one is in Oakland, according to the owners of Angkor Borei. Never went. Come to think of it, I think there's another place that's been mentioned on this board, albeit unfavorably, in downtown Berkeley. They at least could fix you up with some sticky rice.