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Jun 13, 2000 11:44 AM

Best pho in SF

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Where is it? A quick search of the boards revealed only East Bay finds. My friend had a cold yesterday. We looked for the perfect cure and only found an OK bowl at the place called Pho on 16th and South Van Ness. It wasn't bad, just not quite clean tasting enough and left a disturbing residue of oil on the tongue. Would like to do better next time. Thanks!

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  1. I can never remember the name of the pho place, but it's on Harrison Street, between 19th and 24th Streets (I am tempted to say at 20th, but could be wrong so am giving you the range). West side of street, on the corner. As of 1 year ago, it was the only Vietnamese restaurant in that stretch so should not be hard to find.

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      Thanks. I'll try that place next time.

    2. My new favorite in San Francisco is in Chinatown. It's on the alley uphill from Portsmouth Square, just a few doors down from the Empress of China. Can't remember the name -Golden something.