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Jan 18, 2005 09:27 PM

Brattleboro VT lunch or dinner

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Any outstanding places for lunch or dinner in Brattleboro? How is the River View? I'm on the road this week, spending one night at the Latchis of Main Street.

I'd like somewhere with an emphasis on local/organic products, good vegetarian fare, that's friendly and comfortable. Needn't be upscale--I'm happy with soups and sandiwiches if they're well-made and the veggies and coffee and good and fresh.

So, what do people consider must-trys?

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    mr bread puddin

    There is a venerable old vegetarian resturaunt in Brat called THE COMMON GROUND, but I haven't been there for years. You could get a really nice meal at the BRATTLEBORO FOOD CO-OP, there is a felafil shop across the street from THE COMMON GROUND, an indian resturaunt on the same street which is good. I also like the CHELSEA ROYAL DINER in west Brat., but some other chow hounds have given it bad reviews recently.

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      I don't believe the Common Ground is open anymore. And a good thing, too – the place was filthy.

      There's a decent Korean restaurant right in the middle of town called Shin-La. And very good Thai at Thai Garden.

      There are also a couple of new restaurants just across Main Street from the Latchis; I don't know a thing about them except that they look interesting. Be our guniea pig?

      There's also a fabulous show of Warhol paintings, prints and photos at the Brattleboro Museum. If you have any interest at all in contemporary art or culture, it's a must-see.


      1. re: GG Mora

        That Warhol exhibit is still there?

        I noticed one of the interesting places on Main St., I think it was called 23 or 25 or something. But it looked like a cute bistro with interesting new American food. Had a pretty good meal at the Riverview, a great and large salad w/ apples/nuts/cheese for the vegetarian side of things.

        1. re: Joanie

          Warhol Show us up through Feb. 6.

          39 Main is the bistro you saw.

    2. The Riverview Cafe on Bridge St. is a member of the Vermont Fresh Network, which focuses on the use of local products. Their site is Cut and paste this address for info. on other members:
      The India Palace on Elliot Street has a number of vegetarian options, and as another party mentioned, the Brattleboro Co-Op has great ready-to-eat-in-or-to-go food. The Back Side Cafe is great for breakfast or lunch, and is also open on Friday and Saturday evenings. The Marina, north of town on route 5, while not strictly vegetarian, has a number of options that might make you happy. Their menu is at Don't be put off by the "burgers and seafood" banner on their site - they offer much more. Chelsea Diner is okay, but there are equal or better options in town.

      1. and if you're in need of great great local beer, hit McNeill's up Eliot (a short walk from the Latchis) for any of a number of varieties for lunch or dinner. They also serve packaged vegetarian sandwiches from the Sarkis Market down the street.
        A beer and a falafel is my preferred snack on the rare occasion when I get to pass through.

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        1. re: b grubbs

          Yes, McNeill's is a VT institution. The beers are very good - just don't expect any kind of atmosphere - or for it to be clean.

        2. just outside of town up in putney there is a great bbq shack called curtis' bbq,,, well worth the trip however they are only open seasonally from april til october... best ribs in new

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            Curtis' ribs are way overated, don't waste your money.
            Try Top of the hill Grill on Putney road instead, if they're still open.

          2. Top of the Hill Grill is still open and is a better bet for bbq than Curtis'.

            The Common Ground is still open but I've never been there because I prefer Mocha Joe's coffee. If you like coffee, you must try Mocha Joe's - its the best.

            The Indian place downtown is ho-hum. I much prefer Dhaba above the roundabout on Rte 5N.

            Thai Garden is excellent Thai food, I've been there many times and if you like spicy, they have 2 excellent rieslings that go amazingly well with it.

            Shin-La has good Korean and also a sushi bar, but I haven't tried the sushi with the new sushi chef. I recommend a special called Kimchi Chigae - its a hot pot of kimchi stew and chicken with a side of rice. Yum!!

            For a really upscale and lovely dinner there is Peter Havens.

            The Chelsea Royal is diner fare and I love it there, but I don't expect it to be anything but diner fare.

            I haven't been to the Riverview Cafe in over a year, so I don't have a recent review.