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Woodstock VT

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Any tips for the Woodstock VT area..

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  1. Simon Pearce at Quechee.

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      The East Ender is very good. Ate there this fall. Pretty casual but the food is anything but. The Chef is the Sous from Simon P.

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        thanks for the tip. Simon Pearse was excellent. Great food, interesting wine list, great service, eating on simone pearse's hand blown dinnerwear was a treat.

        thank you all

      2. I had a real nice dinner at Prince and the Pauper a couple of years ago. I second Simon Pearce, too.

        1. The Prince and the Pauper - divine!
          Simon Pearce Restaurant in Queechee is additionally fantastic!
          Bon Appetite!

          1. All the places previously mentioned in other posts are great but we would add the Jackson House to that list.
            The food is great and the place is an old Inn with a new dining room.
            Also try Bentley's downtown.
            Great bar and good food.
            Jazz band or combo on weekends add to the fun!

            1. For a fun place try The Skunk Hollow Tavern in Hartland Corners. Close to Woodstock.
              And I second that emotion: -- Prince and Pauper and Simon Pearce are both wonderful.

              1. I probably sound like a broken record but I will not stop singing the praises of Osteria Pane e Salute. It's an authentic Italian dining experience in a very intimate space in Woodstock. Do not expect meatballs and spaghetti but do expect to be pleasantly surprised. Bentley's, The Creamery, and Skunk Hollow are all good bets. In Quechee, Simon Pearce is great for lunch and the Quechee Inn is our favorite pick for dinner.

                1. We had a very nice meal at the Laurel Inn. Only down side was it was sooooo empty, and that tends to make me uncomfortable sometimes. They had only been open for a few weeks at that point, so hopefully it's picked up a bit.

                  1. I've gotta say, i've lived in this area my whole life and the idea that anyone could recommend Bentley's is AMAZING.. terrible food, but an ok bar. Simon Pearce and Prince and the Pauper are great (simon pearce #1) and if you're willing to drive, The Barnard Inn in Barnard is SPECTACULAR. great environment and food cooked to perfection (go to the tavern! the dining room is pricey!).

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                      We've only been to Bentley's twice. The first time I liked it (remember a great salad). The second time was a Sunday and I was very disappointed in the hash which seemed like it came out of a can. I was expecting something as good as the Littleton diner. (Does any place else make its own hash?)

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                        I think the Farmers Diner and Lou in Hanover make their own Hash.
                        I can't believe that no one has mentioned the Parker House in Quechee - It's our favorite spot and everyone we recommend to it has been really happy and surprised.

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                          I had lunch with a friend at Bentley's this weekend and it was awful. We didn't finish our food (chilli and a reuben) and we definately did not want to take the leftovers home. We walked down the street to Allechante, the second store of a great cafe/caterer in Norwich, VT. There we satisfied our unfulfilled appetites with delicious pastries and rich cappuchino.

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                            I think that bentleys is great for a beer and burger and thats about it. Staff can sometimes be downright rude. Allechante is one of the best in the area. V. small with small menu but what they have is always excellent.

                            1. re: professorbeezer

                              We usually do Berntley's after a Dartmouth football game.
                              Drinks and music are fun and we've eaten at the bar several times.
                              We've never had the bad expereince that many of you here have had.
                              Prince and the Pauper is another favorite place as well.
                              Just where on Main Street is Allechante?;I must have missed this place but I'd like to try it the next time up there.
                              We tried the Barnard Inn last Fall and the place was really great!;well worth the ride to the place.
                              Another fun place for burgers is the Three BarrelsBrewery over in Lebanon.
                              Next Fall we've got to try the Norwich Inn as well.
                              There's a nice lettle coffee shop next to the bridge on Main Street but I cannot remember the name of the place.
                              We usually get breakfast there and we buy their roasted coffee to take home.
                              Catnip-ps-anyone tried the Jackson inn lately?
                              Friends of ours said it was awful(new onwers) but another person here mentioned that the place was very good.
                              Any other opinions?

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                                I think you mean seven barrels? I've heard the same about Jackson house - terrible since new owners - food ok but owners are not v. hospitable

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                                  The coffee shop next to the bridge is Woodstock Coffee but I never ate there. Great coffee. Next door to the coffee shop is Mountain Creamery which has great breakfasts and good lunches. Allechante is on that same side of the street but further down on the other side of the bridge. Thay are located downstairs from Pane y Salute, one of our favorite places to eat in the area. The Jackson Inn is having a difficult time getting up going, with some not so good word of mouth. I have not tried it under new ownership. Laurel Inn, on the other hand is a grat new place to eat, owned by the people who own Kedron Valley Inn. The Woodstock farmer's Market is a great little store with local goodies and wonderful sandwiches, prepared foods, produce and cheeses. Do not go there hungry! I've heard good things about lunch at Long Trail brewery, anyone been there?

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                                    Thanks for the post greenstate.
                                    Will try some of your choices the next tri up.
                                    We were at the Long Trail Brewery the last time up.
                                    We had lunch there.
                                    Fabulous burgers,big portions of fries and,of course,really good beer.
                                    The place was packed with people and we had to wait to get seats at the bar but the wait was well worth it.
                                    I'm not sure that they do dinner there however:I would check before going.
                                    The place has the atmospher of a local Appleby's with a lively crowd .

                      2. Another top spot is the Corners Inn near Bridgewater.
                        Chef Brad has a wonderful menu and he'll vary any dish and do any special vegetarian combo you'd like.
                        The man is a creative wonder.
                        no one in our group has ever gone away disappointed.
                        The place also has a lively bar and fun local crowd.
                        Better get reseravations however;the place is usually full weekends.
                        Also call for times.

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                          I LOVE th corners inn.. it is a great place to eat and Chef Brad is a wonerful chef!
                          try the nut crusted salmon or any of the specials of the night!

                        2. Fine dining- Juniper Hill Inn or the Windsor Station in Windsor,VT are a must.

                          Just looking for a good family meal at a good price try the Windsor Diner, I did after reading that it was a good place to eat in the Boston Globe a few years back and in the LA Times on-line travel section last year. Another favorite is the Harpoon Brew Pub at the Windsor Brewery/ Can't beat fresh micro-brew and and a great ruben. Joanie's in Hartland is also a good stop when we travel north to Vermont for the summer or to check on our summer residence.

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                            I forgot the Farmer's Diner in Quechee, all local products and you can taste the difference. In Woodstock itself there is the Mt. Creamery for those that want a higher end Diner food.