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Jan 18, 2005 01:20 PM

Went out for puerto rican food to Marrero Restaurant in Bridgeport, CT sunday.

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This is a puerto rican restaurant on East Main St near the old motor vehicle in Bridgeport, CT. We went here this past sunday night. All 3 of us enjoyed our food. They started us out with the standard iceberg salad and then they brought the food on. I had the fried chicken,yellow rice gondules with the beans and sauce. It was all good. I really wanted the roast pork but they were out and it was almost near closing time. Another friend had the stewed chicken and he liked that also. We also tried something called mofongo which looked like an upside stuffing muffin with a diping sauce. It was very good. The fried plantains were very crispy and very tasty. We all like latin food now and then and we all intend to go back here very soon. The menu had lots of selcetion including lotf of appetizers. For the 3 of us with the tip came to $45.00. They also have takeout available. The building is pretty new from what I understand and looks like a diner inside. It was very clean and the waitstaff was very friendly.

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  1. sorry about the mistakes in typing,I was doing this at work while watching out for my boss!

    1. Good report! I always wondered if it was any good. We see it on our way to the Schwaben Club....(which by the way is one of the last little Bridgeport secret places).