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Jan 10, 2005 03:38 PM

Longshot: Good Restaurants in Marlborough, Hebron & East Hampton, CT

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I am moving to this quiet little area of the state from the New Haven area, and have a feeling great local chow is what I will miss most. We haven't explored the area thoroughly yet, so we don't know too much of what's around.

I noticed a few restaurants around, but would like to know if there are any specifics to hit (or miss!). We love everything (pizza, Mexican, Thai, sushi - you name it, we'll eat it) so any and every possible reccomendation is appreciated.

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  1. Marlborough Tavern is traditional (some say stodgy), but it's lasted a looong time so it must be doing something right.
    New Sadler's Ordinary is located on the grounds of the Marlborough Barn Furniture and Gift Shop. Very good casual fare. Great bakery.
    Just a few miles North of Marlborough on Rte 2 is the Town of Glastonbury which is chock full of great restaurants.

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      Lottie's on New London Turnpike in Glastonbury, (you can take ex 10 off of Rte 2) is a great place for breakfast.

      Pazzo's on Hebron Ave in Glastonbury is a nice little Italian place.

      Luna's Pizza in Glastonbury is terrific (and it's thinner crust, so that might help ease the pain of the move).

      Mark's on Main in Glastonbury makes good casual food.

      Char Koon is supposed to be good pan-Asian fare, though I've been there, yet. Jasmine, which is run by the same people, makes decent Chinese.

      There's a bunch of orchards and farms in Glastonbury, but I would assume the same is true in Marlborough and Hebron.

      Chikurin is a Japanese place that I've been to once and enjoyed.

      Oh, and the Max group of restaurants has one in Glastonbury. I thought the food was good, but a bit overpriced.

    2. There's a place called Gina Marie's in Hebron Center, thats very good for Breakfast and dinner.

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        Lucas Murdock

        There aren't a great deal of them but there are some that are fairly decent.
        Hebron: Mary and Ali's Route 85 regular American at very good prices.
        Marlborough: Sadler's Ordinary Main St. Colonial fare, rather pricy but decent.
        East Hampton: Rossini's Route 66. Italian. Good food at decent prices.
        East Hampton: Angelico's Lakehouse, North Main St. Good food, nice atmosphere, a bit on the pricy side.
        Willimantic: Willimantic Brew Pub; Main St. Cafe. Main St. A little out of the area you targeted but a good brew pub with good pub grub and a good restaurant attached as well. Prices good, food good, beer good.
        East Hampton: Governor's Tavern Route 66. Have only been here once, but the meal was good. Will be giving it another try. You may want to give it a shot yourself and decide on your own.

        1. Ming Gung Asian Bistro in the Glen Lochen mall in Glastonbury is one of my new favorites...great inventive menu (try the avocado spring rolls or the short ribs steamed in lotus leaf) and the best sake list I've ever seen.

          1. A new owner took over the Governor's Tavern on Route 66 in East Hampton a couple of months ago, young guy named Colin who introduced himself to us, looks to be maybe 30 or so. Seemed really interested in how we were doing, wanted to know about our meals.

            We tried it on a Thursday night a couple of weeks ago and the place was busy. Burger was terrific with a ton of good fries on the side, my friend had some kind of a stuffed fish dish she said was awesome. The rest of the menu looked really good, lots of regular American food, some neat looking items, a lot of different appetizers, and I thought very reasonable prices. All the staff was really friendly, knew what they were doing.

            Looking around, everyone I saw seemed real happy with whatever they had, and the place was busy.

            We'll be back for sure. (The parking in back is a little tight. Next time I might park across the street.)