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May 26, 2000 06:01 PM

The New Mecca-Pittsburg

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Hands down the best quality basic Mexican food. No reservations, no table cloths, beer in a bottle, etc. The Tacos, enchiladas, etc. essentially define what these dishes should be. No reservations and if you want atmosphere, it is not your cup of tea, unless honesty is your atmosphere. Foodies will not like the looks of it. Chowhounds will adore it. On any week-end you WILL wait. Bring a big appetite. there is not much else in that part of town and there is either street parking or in the lot behind the place. Nice people preparing great food.

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  1. Have to say, the best Mexican food in the Bay Area. We just found it by chance! There is no fancy anything, good cold beer, great selections (Chili Rellanos) and the best Mexican rice I have ever eaten! Even at lunch, there is quite a wait, but worth every minute!