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May 21, 2000 08:08 PM

Where should I hold a dinner party for 12 in Napa?

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My father-in-law wants to have a dinner party in Napa for his 80th birthday. There will be 12 of us. I am leaning towards Meadowood, because of their reputation (and the high marks from friends who have eaten there), they will give us a private room and will guarantee a reservation now (so we can coordinate travel plans for people from Kentucky and Hawaii). We rejected Tra Vigne (no space), Auberge du Soleil (no children allowed) and considered Domaine Chandon (space, but no privacy and no reservations. Any opinions? Any bad news about Meadowood?

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  1. Dude,
    You have a winner. Meadowood is a great choice for that kind of event. Don't fret about Tra Vigne it is, in my humble opinion, somewhat overated. My parents and my future in laws have had events like the one you described at Meadowood and been very happy. Good luck!