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May 15, 2000 06:24 PM

Blowout dinner suggestion?

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I have been rewarded for my faithful service to Coactive Networks with a relatively substantial dinner bonus. I have $600 to spend in one swoop. I am thinking of taking my parents and girlfriend somewhere that I would usually consider prohibitively expensive.

French Laundry was booked for the weekend.

Other candidates, in order of my current thinking:
Chez Panisse
Black Cat

Any advice, other spots I should be considering? One possibility is to go somewhere "reasonable," but order wine that would be otherwise off the charts... But I'm really in it for the food...

I may just decide to blow off the blowout, and take 8 -10 friends to Villa Poppi or Delfina...

-Mike Zurer

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  1. First Choice Gary Danko no question service&food the bomb.
    Aqua was excellent for food and service but with their yearly $150,00 fresh flower bill , I can't help wondering if The total effect is jazzed into another level of enjoyment by overall impression.
    Chez Panisse upstairs at the Cafe was actually better than a Monday dinner downstars .It wasn't bad,It just didn't Wow me. I think when people go to a Holy shrine like Panisse they have as good a meal as they need to have to justfy the tariff
    Had a slighly rushed but Great meal at Slanted Door Not blow out, it's just edging on upscale in a downscale kind of way.

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    1. re: Scott
      JB Leibovitch

      Been to Aqua twice, Fleur de Lys once, either one of these would do quite well (could be extravagant with 4 people for $600). However, if you can wait, you should do French Laundry.

    2. Oh, definitely take the opportunity to pay for food you would never buy otherwise, rather than a large group at a "normal" restaurant! I haven't been to most of those places on your list for the same reasons you probably haven't, but I did go to Boulevard and it was excellent. Farallon worries me a little bit because it is so over-done; I inherently distrust such fussiness, but if the food is first rate, go for it. Masa's always intrigued me, and Chez Panisse has its obvious charms (but as someone else pointed out, you can get some of its food at the cafe). Jardinierre is really, really good too.

      But my top choice in your dilemma (oh such a dilemma!) would probably be La Folie, SF's best French spot. Only went once long long ago but it is special and friends swear by it.

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      1. re: Mary
        Peggy Schmitz

        Totally disagree with your raves about La Folie, which we believe is one of the most overrated restaurants in SF--and certainly one of the most overpriced. We had so-so food and poor to middling service. Boulevard is very good, but not great. Masa's is very understated but will give a sublime dining experience in all respects. Fleur de Lys is also wonderful for a special occasion and a beautiful place to dine.

      2. Add these to your list;

        Rubicon; Aqua;