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Dec 3, 2004 02:27 PM

Poutine in MA/Southern ME/NH?

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brokevespa mentioned on the Boston board that there was a place in Manchester that serves poutine. I'd love to give it a try- can anyone suggest a place with an hour drive of Boston?

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  1. I posted this on the Boston board...see link below...


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      Since the recommendation is for a place in New Hampshire, not Boston, the recommendation belongs here, on this board. We'll move the post from the Boston board, but please, in the future, help us out by keeping posts where they belong. Thanks,

    2. The place is called Chez Vachon. They have odd hours, rarely being open past 2PM.
      I have only been there once and have been wanting to go back there ever since. I had the poutine with steak tips.
      See link below...


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        It's Chez Vachon for sure. On Kelly St., on the 'West Side.'

        It doesn't get any more authentic French-Canadian than that.

      2. Supposedly Jackie's Diner 168 Main St. Nashua, NH serves poutine and other French Canadian dishes. Haven't been there personally to confirm yet. Below is a link to a page where I got this information. It's maintained by the Hippo Press, the local free rag in southern New Hampshire.


        1. Are you looking for New Brunswick poutine (a meatball of pork and beef, surrounded by mashed potato and steamed) or Quebec poutine (souped up cheese fries)? I didn't realize there were variations on poutine (being of NB ancestry) until I was in Montreal last. I'd be interested to know which version Chez Vachon serves. I greatly miss ma Tante Lilliane's poutine and the canned version I can get is woefully inadequate!

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            Chez Vachon serves the Quebec style poutine.

            1. re: Dave B
              Avian (Art Springsteen)

              Chez Vachon does make excellent Quebec style poutine. In fact, I stop there every time I get back to home (I'm exiled in O-HI-O right now). They also make great, monsterous, omelets.

              Off the beaten track but worth it!

              1. re: Avian (Art Springsteen)

                Five star rating for Poutine at Chez Vachon on the West Side of Manchester NH!! They not only have the best Poutine south of the Canadian border, they also have great home cooked meals. I agree with Art...the omlettes are fantastic and the crepes are huge! Can't get food like that in Ohio.

            2. re: Betsy

              My cousin has a grocery to in Leominster, MA which make to "real" poutines. It's called Desilet's Market and his name is Chuck. No UPS sorry.

            3. I know it's a year too late but you'll never find good poutine in United States; only in Canada.