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May 5, 2000 05:09 PM

Fina Estampa on Van Ness

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Has anyone been to Fina Estampa on Van Ness? As part of an ethnic-food supper club, I have made plans to take 7 other people to Fina Estampa in the Mission, based solely on recommendations of chowhounds on this site. I want to go to the one in the Mission as that's the first one and more importantly, rumored to be the better one. Big problem is they have very few seats.

If anyone has been to Fina Estampa on Van Ness and has info. to share, I'd appreciate it. Or if there may be an even better Peruvian restaurant in SF to try, please let me know!

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  1. sorry, i don't think they're open any longer...every time i passsed that branch in recent visits(several times over the past year), at lunch or dinner time, the place looked vacant...i have been going to the one in the mission for years...tasty food...let's hope the real estate speculators don't drive them away...

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      I had tried to call the one in the Mission, told them that I needed to bring a group of 8 in on a Sat.nite at about 6PM and they recommended that I call the Van Ness branch. Considering that I only hear good things about the one in the Mission, I may stop by there to check things out first re. space and then make my decision

      A friend of mine recently viewed my invite to go there and reported back that his Peruvian barber always talks about that place and drives everyday from his shop in Potrero to the Mission to take lunch there. It's always good to get that kind of endorsement from a "native" consumer. Anyway, I'll report back after we go.


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      Dave Feldman

      I'm probably responsible for many of the mentions of Fina Estampa here. I've never been to the newer branch, unfortunately.

      I would call them ahead of time (824-4437) if you are bringing this kind of group. I've found the service always caring, especially if you show interest in and enthusiasm about the food. With a large group, you can explore the breadth of Peruvian cuisine, which is truly impressive. If you go, I hope you'll report back.